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Hi warriors,
On the last few weeks I was working on my new webiste but the traffic was low and I wasn't ranked on my targeted keywords although today I looked at my google analytics account and I see there 1 visit from google,I was amazed to see that someone found me on google but the most amazing part was when I looked at the keyword it was "what is the best helicopter i can get with 20$" I never targeted this long tail keyword but I got ranked for this keyword!
ofcourse that then I looked at the article and I've seen that it is not just luck,It was one of my first articles so I wasn't really trained to write them.
Anyway this 1 vistor was 12 minutes on my website and he looked at 6 pages,I'm so happy
#joy #moment
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    Keep writing, and adding quality content and you will get more and more traffic.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Congrats. Now time to expand your site by adding more content. The more content you put, the more long tail keywords your site will rank for
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    Right on, some might say it's a small success but keep moving forward getting small success after small success and they will soon add up.

    Good Job!
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    You'll be surprised some of the things you rank for when you write dynamic, unique and high quality content.

    When I was running a gaming blog tailored to a few specific games, I had searches coming in for a game I had never even written about. They weren't lucrative searches but it was still kind of funny to see me being ranked for something I've never targeted.

    Just keep on writing and keep doing the path now that you've seen a glimpse of success.

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    just go on and make yourself more of those moments of joy, it is beautiful feeling, isn't it?
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    I'm hoping to continue and I know that it is a small of not tiny success,although isn't just great to see some results after some hard work?
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    the distance between your dreams and reality is called discipline
    hard work always payout

    good luck on your journey
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    Congrats! It also feels good when your hard work pays off.
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    @CrisisCore08 - Keep going. Your Next Step/Goal - Convert a visitor into $$.
    Complete Blogging Course and List Building Kit:
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    The more keyword research you do and the more you write the better your rewards will be.Long tail keywords are great to rank for and monetize you site.
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  • Big things start from small things. I salute you for seeing the positive side of it, even though you only have one visitor, it made you happy. I have encountered a lot of starters who are very much eager to gain more and they became dismayed when they only get few visits.

    Very nice, indeed. Good luck on your work!
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    From small acorns great trees doth grow, congratulation now just keep adding to your work.
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    Haha, a small victory is still a victory no less!
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    Congrats on that ... I often get traffic from people using keywords that I didn't expect. It's surprising what some are looking for when they get to your site.
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