Where do you look for quality digital products ?

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Where do you look for quality digital products ?

Clickbank Marketplace ?
Amazon ?
or others (better, worser or same as CB)
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    Originally Posted by Vrindavan View Post

    Where do you look for quality digital products ?

    Clickbank Marketplace ?
    Amazon ?
    Both of those, myself. But ClickBank more than anywhere else.

    There are various "ClickBank competitors" too, of course, but I happen to like ClickBank (and especially their prompt, efficient and reliable payments directly into my bank account) and there are over 15,000 products there for me to look through anyway.

    I do find product-selection very time-consuming, but it's time really well spent, because it makes a huge difference to "how much I can sell".

    I'm a notorious skepchick, but when I read threads here about what people are promoting, I quite often find myself cheekily thinking "I'm very happy that my competitors are the ones trying to promote that stuff, and that there are so many of them!". I think people get attracted to what they imagine are popular niche high-sellers on the grounds that "there must be money in that niche", perhaps sometimes not quite realizing that those are also the niches with 30,000 marketers all competing against each other to try to sell the same products, while much lower-key niches may have some great products and very, very few actively competing affiliates!

    I've probably spent 600+ hours researching ClickBank products over the last 4 years (in total, I mean, not "per year"!). :rolleyes:

    These are my product-selection criteria, if they help: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post2161932
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    The WSO section here has plenty of quality digital products, and many times, they are of the same quality as the ones on Clickbank, but for much cheaper!
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    First, In my mind (my own products).
    Second, Clickbank
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    I don't look at any given platform, I am much more interested in the product being high quality, having a great sales letter, fair commissions and MOST important - being highly relevant and useful to my customers and subscribers.

    Every affiliate product I promote is an extension of either my own business or has been referred to me (and then I review) from a peer or customer...some are on CB, but actually most are not these days...some are on Commission Junction, Ejunkie, Amazon, etc...

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