Can you do anything 10,000 YouTube subscribers?

by amunt
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I have around this number of subscribers for my language learning videos on Youtube, but I've got no idea if anything useful can be done with them. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Promote language related offers to them.


    Direct the traffic to a website and monetize it with adsense or affiliate programs.
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    You can build a loyalty base out there or go for a joint venture with a fellow WF member. In no time, you will find one more '0' added to the right of your number of subscribers.

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      Create a mailing list or subscribers' list and send them monthly news letter fill with tips on learning language. You can then include ads on the newsletter.

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        Originally Posted by surgematrix View Post

        Create a mailing list or subscribers' list and send them monthly news letter fill with tips on learning language. You can then include ads on the newsletter.
        Is there a way of doing this on YouTube? I didn't think you could send bulk messages.
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    Hey amunt,

    I have visited your website. And I have some advices:

    1. Start to build a better graphical website. People will look at you as a more professional teacher. The quality inside must be really good as you have so many subscribers, why loose potential opt-ins for a basic website? Take a couple of hours to setup a good theme, etc... Let me know if you need help in this and I will help you for FREE. I'm really good at WordPress so that wouldn't be a problem.

    2. Another thing website releated, hide the lessons you're offering and lead them exclusively for email opt-in. They're on the side right menu: lesson-2, lesson-3 etc. Hope this make sense.

    3. Make your own product. Please, I see you're doing well. Don't promote other product. It may seem as easy and quick, but you are leading your clients to other people.

    Contact me if you need any help, I would love to help you because I see you really love making this lessons.
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    Sending the traffic to a site and then monetising it with adsense wont do much good. Just a couplr of dollars is what you will earn at most. So the best thing you can do is:

    * Build up relationship with your subscribers (provide quality video lessons, and do anything else that can make them trust you more).

    * Hold contests where you pick learner of the week and the winner gets to have a one-on-one 30 mins conversations with you over skype, to further improve their skills. Just be creative and offer anything as a gift. (Will definately improve your subscribers' engagement with your channel. Dont forget to always mention about the contest in your videos and channel description).

    * Further promote your channel and try to get as many more subscribers as possible.

    * Always focus on learning what your subscribers find most difficult about learning this language (asj them to let you know in comments, emails etc).

    * When you have enough subscribers, enough trust factor and enough information about what your audiences' problems are, then simply create a video course related to it, which provides solution to their problems exactly, and then sell it through for any price you think your audience can afford (like 47$).

    * Ask your existing subscribers to share this with people they know (believe me, if you worked enough on the trust factor, they wont hesitate to share it with others).

    * And then later release more improved versions or totally new guides. And then promote that.

    And here we are. I am sure if you do everything right (like I stated above), you sure can easily go over 4 figures (easily!!).

    Hope that helped. I know its long term, but believe me when I say this, thats where the money is! :-)

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