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Hi guys,

I am looking for a mailing program that can send attachments. I need attachments to rotate and only ever send once!

  1. Load in attachments & emails
  2. Send emails to people with attachment added
  3. Program deletes and does not send as its alreay sent it ant wont allow dupes.

Any ideas?
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    I presume you have a different message body to go with each attachment? In that case, then it's just a case of creating different email campaigns (one per attachment) and add the attachment you want.

    Once they're set up you can send them as you wish. Either send email 1 today, email 2 tomorrow, etc.
    If you want to mix things up a bit - you could do some segmentation (break up your list evenly between the number of emails you've got). Although that would get a little more complex, and not all providers would do it.

    To truly randomise things, I doubt any mainstream provider would do this out of the box, as it's there is no real established reason to do it. (Of course, you might have come up with a good reason - it's generally not in demand). So you might need to find a plugin or script to deal with it.
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    Hmmm a different message body is not really needed the same one would do fine the main thing and most important is sending different attachments and never sending dupes.

    Say like 100 attachments and 100 emails > boosh send!

    SMTP providors isn't a problem I have my own private network of these and what I am doing is not spamming at all I am simply cutting down on employees doing this manually. Scaling it up and automating it.
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