The thing most people forget to do in this business.

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We all get the internet part of this business, but so many people fail to market properly. This is the life blood of our business.
Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. As defined by Wiki

It is not called throw an affiliate offer out there and hope that it sticks. It is called internet marketing. So let's figure out how we can go about marketing a product.
Assuming you know that the product you are promoting has a market in the fist place we have tons of ways to get the message out. We are not looking for random traffic. We are looking highly targeted traffic and tons of it. Don't just tag a youtube video and hope to pull of a massive payday with a one off affiliate offer. So many people go to clickbank grab a product and go try to sell it with one traffic source. It doesn't work and they repeat the whole process.
Places to market include all of these methods and tell me if your results get any better.
-Podcast. Appear as a guest. Do research on the product so you know what you are talking about and get your name and product link out there.
-Banner ads on sites in your niche
-appear on facebook fan pages. Talk to the owner and see if they will do a review for you. Trust me you can work out a deal.
-Seek out membership sites and get in as a guest of the week.
-forums are obviously great place.
-twitter accounts. Get tweets out there from people with huge followings.
-Guest videos on blog sites.

There are so many more options out there if you just think about it for a bit

Look I am not saying any of this is free, but Pepsi didn't make it's Billions by getting cheap free ads on a box in a soda shop. Simple free methods are all well and fine, but if you ever want to make some money you are going to need to get out there and let people know who you are. That is why product creation is huge. You end up marketing yourself and having people use all these methods for you as an affiliate. When you take this business seriously you will get serious results. The point is to get out there and make a splash.

I know that this thread may get panned by some people and that is fine by me. I am only trying to help those who need it. So if anything I said is in error we will all hear about it.
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    Thanks for the info! I haven't started using facebook and twitter for marketing yet but I'm planning too... It's part of my new year resolution!

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    If done right FB and Twitter can help in the process for sure
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      Free works great, way better than most other marketing techniques. Blog guest posts and I can't stress forums enough. Forums and existing blogs have such a huge following of people that are already extremely involved in the niches you might want to be marketing in. As long as your product is good and your posts or replys on those types of mediums than you will get people to your pages.

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    Yeah free works great for people who have a ton of free time. Paid is for people who want results fast.
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    You bring up a good point that many people miss...

    You have to go to where your target market is located and market to them, whether it's free or paid doesn't matter.

    With all the WSOs and traffic methods out there people are getting confused as to what actually works for their niche...

    Once you get good at finding out who your buyers are and putting your ads in front of them, you'll start #winning
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      You are right. It's about exposure and plenty of it. Marketers need a good product a good website with an opt-in function and lot's of great traffic. Website + Traffic = Sales. The places to market, listed above, are good but the work to make it all come together will take time and skill if it is to be effective. As an alternative for a quick start, there's plenty of software out there that can drive targeted traffic to websites while the marketer is building the other methods..
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    Great post about internet marketing. As we all know traffic is the life blood of any online business, and the only way we are going to get that traffic is if we "market our products."

    I would suggest to anyone just starting out, use free methods. Relying on Google for your main traffic source, is like building your business on quicksand. By doing free traffic methods, you can generate tons of traffic - and be 100% control of your business.
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    I think what you're really trying to say is build expertise and credibility based on a solid character. If people can see you are truthful, reliable, and trustworthy, they will be able to trust you with their hard-earned money. If they see you're willing to say and do whatever it takes to separate them from their money, some of them might get burned but people will avoid from then on. I think your point is INTEGRITY is the key to any form of marketing and those who stick around the longest are those who possess it.

    I agree with you 100%. Don't overpromise and underdeliver. REAL marketing is all about building a brand based on your CHARACTER.

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    Great post bilkat19,
    I agree that one forgets that you have to use many traffic sources, and a huge part of Internet Marketing is marketing yourself and your brand. One must to get your name out there so one can build trust and credibility in the industry, and have people seeking them out.
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    Great post. I like the message of your thread and it lightens me in everything.
    Thank you for posting it and i learned from you.
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