How to get more readers/visitors to my blog?

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Hi there peeps just a quick question for all of you seasoned vets in blogging or even from the newbies too.

What in your experience has been your most successful way to get more visitors/readers to your blog?

I have been doing some networking on here and various other forums adding my little bits of advice here and there when I can and also visiting other blogs in my niche too and leaving comments on their blogs.

Is this type of marketing dead now or does is still pay to write for the readers and not the search engines?
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    Hi Steve,

    If you want to get readers for your blog then the way you are attempting like participating on forums or commenting on blogs in your niche. Its gonna work for you.. The other things you can do for your blog is to update your blog regularly and post unique and informative content there.

    You must share your each post on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbe and so on. These activity will make your posts viral and traffic on your blog will increase.
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      Have you tried Guest Posting on other blogs? This is a powerful technique that lots of people use to get more visitors to their blogs or web sites.
      Lots of blog owners are hungry for high quality content, and this method really does work.

      Searching for the best content? Look no further! Here are the Best Niche PLR Packs available.

      Powerful Guest Blogging Techniques To Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic! Click here for the details!

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        Creating a FB page is a great way to do that.

        Every time I post a new blog post, I will create a status with a picture related to the post.


        "New blog post: Check out the 5 worst muscle building mistakes"

        Encouraging your fans to like, comment, and share can also help bring new readers/visitors to your blog as well.
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  • There are tons of ways. Affiliates, guest blogging, social media advertising, and of course, use SEO/SEM or SMO/SMM to your advantage. The little things will make a big difference.

    Also, you might want to make quality posts OFTEN. Unique visitors won't visit your site if the posts you create are not of quality value.
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    The actual methods working most effective for me so far is targeted ads campaign

    Don't worry be happy!

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    I'm running a blog which supports our site, I'm rather happy with the number of visitors to the blog as this just supports the site. Trying to provide quality articles and information to our readers is my number one priority and secondly is to maintain the relationship so readers would come back for more...but I'm not really succeeding in this ...

    I was hoping that I would get more engagement from the readers. I'm trying (not always) to add something on the blog ... like ... leave feedback below, happy to see your comments etc but I don't get an awful lot of comments.

    Any tips?

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    I've been growing my IM blog for 3 years and I have found that creating really useful content is the easiest way to generate more traffic

    One of the myths about blogging is that you have to post the same time every week or a certain number of times each week. That's a load of rubbish

    People would much rather see one post from you every 2 - 3 weeks if they know it's going to contain lots of juicy info rather than just force yourself to write 3 times a week and let the quality slip

    Another important part of blogging is growing a loyal readership, basically loyal readers that come back over and over to see your new content

    And lastly I often send hundreds of people to new relevant blog posts from my list

    This is a great way for getting your content socially shared and get the ball rolling and start generating comments. The more comments you have the more comments you will attract

    So make sure you are building a list :-)
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    Forum posting and social media marketing should work for you.
    Just as long as the content of the blog is interesting and compelling, then that would really help driving traffic to your blog and bring more readers into it.
    You just have to provide a remarkable info about your blog on your posts on forums and social networking sites.
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    Yes I agree with denysapu. Targeted ads campaign seems to be working for me too.
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    dude, please stop wasting others' and your own time by asking that much broad questions. Such questions are asked every other day, so instead of opening a new thread for such topics, please play smart and do a little search over google and this forum. Believe me you will find much more useful and invaluable information than from your thread (as no one will write a whole book as a reply to your thread). So please, Stop being such a time waster!

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    • Originally Posted by dukegman View Post

      dude, please stop wasting others' and your own time by asking that much broad questions. Such questions are asked every other day, so instead of opening a new thread for such topics, please play smart and do a little search over google and this forum. Believe me you will find much more useful and invaluable information than from your thread (as no one will write a whole book as a reply to your thread). So please, Stop being such a time waster!
      Sorry if I have upset you dukegman, but firstly I did not force you or indeed anyone else here to reply to my thread. They did so out of their own kindness. Also they have provided me and others in this thread with some awesome content and some great tips. Yes I may be able to find this info from Google but this forum is all about helping people and most of the people here can offer advice from their own direct experience that they know works.

      By adding your own good advice I am also more likely to check out whatever link you may have in your signature too.

      You're really not helping me or indeed anyone else of the kind folk here by telling me to take my questions to Google.

      To everyone else that has responded, thank you very much indeed. I will be looking at a lot of these tactics to help grow my blog.

      I do love love this forum and the networking that can be achieved.
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    One of the best ways to get more visitors to your blog is to rank on page 1 (most preferably position 1) on the serps for several keywords or at least a few high traffic keywords. However this can be tough because of SEO activities you need to carry out.

    I am going to share with you a solution that might alleviate this problem a bit. First you need to have internal SEO right. Have you blog posts linking internally using keywords (long tail) and LSI keywords as anchor text.

    Then after your internal structure is good you have your blog setup such that it can auto syndicate content to top social media sites. In fact you must have this set up before making your posts.

    There are several plugins that can help you syndicate your content. All you have to do is make your post, create internal links and hit publish. As it gets published it will be auto posted to sites like Blogger, Tumblr, (essentially Web 2.0 sites) it will also be social bookmarked to sites like Delicious, Diigo, Connotea, etc.

    One thing that you can note here is as each post is posted on a social media site that internal link turns into a backlink. This is key! It as an SEO effect that has the potential to rank you. Let's this is SEO ranking parameter 1 that you'd have taken advantage of.

    The next SEO ranking parameter is as every new post gets auto social bookmarked or posted at sites like Facebook (notes and wall), Twitter, etc it produces social signals that search engines are looking for - another ranking factor.

    Also your post will tend to get indexed quickly.... I hope that helps a bit.

    Or another thing you need to create accounts at these social media sites, it can be done in on sitting or outsource it at Fiverr or something.
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    A great way is to offer some value/content via video tutorials and post to various IM forums.I know of a chap who has had great success with this method.

    FREE REPORT....Go viral and blast your traffic results out of the park!

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    I thought I would just share the 10 must do's for you to drive more traffic to your,or any blog come to that.

    1. Create a logo
    2.Custom design your site.
    3.You must as has been mentioned create real quality content.
    4.You must work hard at branding your name.
    5.Get involved with social sites.
    6. As mentioned Guest Blogging is powerful if you do it right.
    7.Blog commenting - but do it on a regular basis.
    8.Create a mailing list.
    9.You must try to build monetization.
    10.Take advantage of every opportunity.

    I hope this helps...
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    What you are doing will definitely help. I would also suggest posting new content on Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
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    Hype up a piece of content. Go all the way and pack in the DRAMA. The catch is the user has to tweet or facebook like you to get access. This can start a chain reaction through social media which can bring new users to your site. There are plugins that allow you to do this.
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    Hi Steve!

    Basically, it works on both ways, you have to write both for the people and the search engines. One of the best ways to increase visitors is to rank your blog. Therefore, you have to still apply proper backlinking tactic and at the same time write with passion.

    Generally, it depends on your purpose. If you are writing blogs to rank your home page, then you can skip the top quality out and focus on linking. However, Google is becoming strict and will crack down this type of blogging in the near future.

    Free Twitter Drip-Feed Tool Saves Time, Increases Market Awareness and Drives Traffic. Grab Your Free Account Today:

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    Originally Posted by Steve Fitzpatrick View Post

    Hi there peeps just a quick question for all of you seasoned vets in blogging or even from the newbies too.

    What in your experience has been your most successful way to get more visitors/readers to your blog?

    I have been doing some networking on here and various other forums adding my little bits of advice here and there when I can and also visiting other blogs in my niche too and leaving comments on their blogs.

    Is this type of marketing dead now or does is still pay to write for the readers and not the search engines?
    Steve Fitzpatrick, veteran newbie... I like that.
    Anyway to add my little contribution, I have always been very successful with blog commenting on popular sites, like yahoo news and
    Another way is also by article marketing, this is really good because not only do you get traffic from the directory traffic, but also from search engines. I personally write for the readers rather than the search engines. The reason why you would get any traction from the search engines, is because the search engines have a way of seeing how long visitors stay on your site, hence giving you a better page rank.

    You Too Can Make Money Online

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    Learn to utilize YouTube. You can post videos related to your website on there. This allows you to create a greater personalization with your customers as they hear your voice and see your face. Or you can use something like Jing and make screen shot videos with your voice, but they are not quite as good as having your face on the video.
    If you have a Twitter account, you can send links to your new content, increasing your YouTube traffic.

    I Will learn a lot here. If you want to visit my website for more useful information.

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    Always write for your readers. You can buy traffic and here is a list of ways to do that.
    -Banners on sites in the same niche (this is not dead)
    -Solo's. Not the ones you get from a solos seller, but the ones from webmasters directly.
    -Videos. Don't tag it like a mad man. A few tags that are actually what the video is about. Great for ranking.
    -Social signal blasts.
    -Social signal drips
    -Yahoo pipes******AWESOME TOOL******
    -Press releases they do work. They just take more time.
    -Facebook page with a good research tool for finding fan pages. See James Renouf.

    There are so many ways to drive traffic that to write for anything but your readers would be ripping both you and your readers off. Google will change again next week. Paid traffic won't.
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    Here are 3 critical things about blogging that I'm preaching:

    1. Spend some time on proper keyword research, no good keyword research no traffic unless you are SEO ninja

    2. Post decent useful content to your blog on a regular basis

    3, Consistency
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    About blog. Here are some advise I can give:

    1) Never rely only on SEO to drive traffic. Driving traffic from SEO is good but never rely on it alone.

    2) Be any where and every where.. Create videos, do podcast, design beautiful pictures and share them, write guest post on different blog networks etc.

    3) Value quality more than quantity (MUST!). If you're serious about blogging long term, take this advise. Nothing wrong about quantity though, but make sure your contents (videos, blog posts, whatever) are top notch quality.

    Good luck with your blogging endeavor,
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    Nothing shortcut without these -
    1. Unique Content Always and the daily update.
    2. Social Networks promotion
    3. Using Social Bookmarking of high ranked.
    4. Research for keyword to get traffic from search engine.
    5. Promotion of guest blogging.
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    Social media marketing and search engine optimization can be quite successful, potentially.
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      It is best to write articles/posts not for the search engines' sake but for your readers. Google, Yahoo and Bing do not read your stuff.

      Readers are your market, so it best if you invest more on your articles rather than pleasing Google, Yahoo and Bing which will never buy to your products.

      In order to get more readers, write enticing articles. Let your readers look forward to the next article you'll publish. In such way, they will come back to your site and might invite other readers as well.

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    @Steve you are doing it right way. Just keep doing it and you will see momentum.

    As simple as but this is all I do "syndicate you content as much as you can" Here are couple of examples.

    Lets say your article is about "6 ways to increase your metabolism". Make sure the first two or three ways are really killer ideas. Then

    1. Take a screen capture of your entire blog article & cut it into half using something like Photoshop or Gimp then share that upper half images on all the social networks in relevant groups - facebook Pinterest, twitter, redit, etc and link it to your artlce with something like for the rest of the article click here...

    You can use Screen Capture by Google (Free) to take the scrolling screenshot of your pc - Here is the link

    2. Convert your first half article into a pdf and submit it to the sites like scribd - Again link to your article with something link "for full article click here".

    I saw a thread not too long ago here on WF with the list of good number of sites similar to scribd just search for it.

    3. Convert it into power point presentation and submit it to sites like slideshare - same thing links back to your site.

    4. Convert it into video and share it on all the sites like youtube - link to your article...

    Make sure when you submit your content to all of these sites like youtube, facebook, slideshare that you do the basic seo like title, description and tag because that's how people can find your content.

    Hope this helps
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    There are many creative ways to increase traffic to your blog. Some will cost you money, and some won't. You may look through these materials that can be helpful 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012) | SEOmoz , Blog Traffic - 15 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic
    I still believe the most important in blogging is posting the relevant and interesting information.
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    To me, article marketing is very effective. Not only does it drive traffic to your site, but it can make people interested in you before they even arrive at your blog. This makes the traffic that you get from your efforts a higher quality.

    Of course, commenting on other blogs and on forums can have the same effect. The difference is that you have less space to build up their interest.

    When I do article marketing for my blog I do careful keyword research to uncover longtails that I can rank for quickly. Then I make a post on the general topic using some keywords with higher competition and deep link the articles back to the post. This allows me to rank the post for a higher competition, higher traffic volume keyword and also get a lot of traffic by ranking (often number 1) for related terms that get a good deal of traffic themselves.

    It is also important to offer a free report. This is useful when getting traffic from ads and classifieds. It is much easier to get people to respond to an ad for something free than it is to get them to buy from one tiny ad. The great thing about this method is that you can create your own free report and in it teach your audience why the products and offers you are marketing are important for them. This is a great way to get more value from the traffic that you do get, as they will spend more money on you.

    Creative digital marketing solutions from the queen of content. -
    Make It Happen.

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