First Sale Today :) Thanks Everyone

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Can not tell you how happy I was went I saw that beautiful e-mail subject "notification of payment received"

I've been working on this site since February, on and off, not very wholeheartedly but slowly and surely I was making it better, trying new things and when they failed trying more things.

The site has been completely overhauled since it's inception about 3 or 4 times. From a lowly google sites page with adsense to a (terrible looking) CSS based page on my own hosting to a wordpress blog that captured e-mails to a sales letter.

What I thought was my product turned into what I gave away for free so I made a new product. That turned into what I gave away to get e-mail addresses and I made a new product. Each time I've felt really disappointed the current format isn't working but each time I went away and improved it, not just the product but the website as a whole.

If your a newbie and you haven't found your feet yet my advice (one sale and he's already giving he's talking about himself in the 3rd person)

1. Don't give up. Keep trying (obviously don't keep trying the same thing over and over, try something work out was isn't working about it, try something else)

2. Add value. I'm convinced this is the only way anyone makes a sustainable income. Do something that add value to a persons life (information that saves them time, art that inspires them, tools that help them achieve more) and then charge them less in dollars than the value of the product you have given them.

3. Do something you like (preferably love)
You will have to work on this project a lot, you will have to learn all its nuances, you will have to endlessly surround yourself in you niche. If you love that niche it won't even feel like work, if your just doing it for the money your going to get bored, your product won't be as good and ,depending on your willpower, you'll give up before you've given it a chance.

That will do for now. the site is Great Gatsby Quotes | Great Gatsby QuotesGreat Gatsby Quotes | By Quote-Companion and feel free to message me at anytime if your new and want to chat
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