How to get subscriber be responsive??

by jlcs
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I have 300++ subscriber in my list.
Now every week 2-3 time I email them tips.
But the email open rate is so low and not making any sales....
What should I do to get thing better?:confused:
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    How was the list created?

    How old are the subscribers (ie when as the majority of the list created)?

    What niche is the list in?

    What were they promised when they first joined your list?
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    Change your titles. If you use a standard title, they get used to it and become 'blind' to it and ignore it. Use provocative titles BUT always provide useful content. What is useful? Well, 'useful' can be defined as the right timing. If you keep mailing out every day, your emails become less useful and it is viewed as more of an ANNOYANCE. Timing is key. Space it out a bit. Also, include FREEBIES and BONUSES and other deals you can use to PUSH people to go back to your site or sign up to another filtered list.
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      Titles! Short & relevant titles work best.
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    Focus on some cathy titles .. Give us some examples for your titles
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    What auto-responder are you using? Are you sure your messages don't go straight to their spam? Also, open rates aren't always correct, if they have their images turned off it might not show as an opened email.
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      Don't forget another basic: Open rates can vary depending on the time the message arrives.
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        Originally Posted by ERPLeadsWriter View Post

        Don't forget another basic: Open rates can vary depending on the time the message arrives.
        Totally agree. To test this theory I sent out several emails with similar titles around different days and times. My open rates varied MASSIVELY. It definitely helps to have an idea of what country and time zones your subscribers are in.

        est. April 2010

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    Titles, yes but also work at providing your list with value.

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    As everybody here already mentioned, if you have good titles, your open rate will really go up.
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    The key to in sales is to tell a freaking good story. The marketers who are making the most money in marketing and sales are the individuals who tell a good story.

    A good title may increase CTR and lead to more sales, however it takes a lot more to generate 50 sales from a person than a good title.

    Your most valuable asset is to establish a quality relationship between you and your subscribers, and you do that by telling a really good and trustworthy story.

    That's what trustworthy means: To be worth someone's trust.

    Focus on building a bridge by being authentic, offering your help and being responsive.
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    Getting people to open your emails is, of course, important.

    However, getting people to want to open them must be your main focus.

    I have been writing my newsletter for ten years - 1274 issues so far - and what changed it all for me was the day I started writing about my life and family. That was about 300 issues in and almost immediately my newsletter went from making me a hobby income to making me a living.

    If people are going to read what you have to say - and in the process want to buy things that you recommend - they have to first like you.

    People do business with people they like.

    Stop writing to 'the subscribers' in your list and start writing to your friends in your list.

    Then things will change.

    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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    Your emails need to brand your name yes and they need to be high quality. Subject lines is hugely important. You need to catch your readers in about 3 to 5 words. Remember you need to stand out fro the other 60 to 200 emails they get.
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    I find it helps to be catchy and solution-oriented.
    I would stay way from a super-personal approach or being too hyped up.
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    Originally Posted by jlcs View Post

    I have 300++ subscriber in my list.
    Now every week 2-3 time I email them tips.
    But the email open rate is so low and not making any sales....
    What should I do to get thing better?:confused:
    The things that significantly affect responsiveness relate almost entirely to issues arising before, while and immediately after people subscribe. I think this thread may help you:

    It's all about continuity-processes and expectation-setting.

    It's true that minor, later details (such as email subject-lines) can make some difference, but in general it's far, far easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead, and I think what really matters, taking the long-term view (which is the only one that matters much), is to have a very different continuity-process in place for your next 300 subscribers from the one used for your current 300 subscribers - as explained in the thread mentioned above.
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    Did you make due on what you promised them?
    Do you email frequently?
    Are all your emails promotional in nature?
    Are your emails entertaining?
    Do you use canned emails?

    These are just a few questions you should ask yourself, they all have an affect on responsiveness.
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    Another thing you can do is to start pruning people who have not opened in more than a few months.
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    I have 300++ subscriber in my list.
    Now every week 2-3 time I email them tips.
    But the email open rate is so low and not making any sales....
    What should I do to get thing better?

    I believe that the first thing you have to do in order to have your emails opened and read is to learn the English language.

    Perhaps it would be a better idea to ask someone else to write your email messages on your behalf.

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    Talk to them.

    Be entertaining.

    Ask them questions.

    Give them advice. Hell be creative; ask for their advice

    Prove that you're a human being, not some corporate (or spammy) shmuck.

    Educate them.
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    Martin Avis has got it spot on, treat them like friends who can't wait to open your emails to check out what you are telling them. Be controversial in your headlines, test different ones for the same copy and check which works, but be consistent with it.
    It isn't an exact science, do you test your emails through a spam checker? What % open rates are you getting, which days/times do you send the emails, have you promised your list certain things and not delivered.

    Take stock of every thing you do, put a bit more thought into the planning of you delivery schedules, split test subject lines, talk yo your list, send them a questionnaire, you may find out some valuable information that you can use.
    All the best!
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    mybe your list not targeted or not interested with your offer.

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    The open rates are rather confusing because of so many factors that come into play with your email campaigns. For one, it has to do with the time that they arrive whether it is night, evening, middle of the day or even early morning.

    Secondly, it could have something to do with the way that you're marketing to the list such as just providing links to products and absolutely no content.

    Still another reason for the unopen rates might have something to do with your style of marketing. If you're too pushy, most marketers can detect that a mile away.

    So as stated above, open rates aren't really all that accurate to pay attention to in the first place.

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    Firstly, provide value and you will get a decent enough open rate. But, secondly, regularly prune your lists of all unresponsive subscribers.

    The above will not be a popular answer, I suspect, but it does work.
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    a catchy subject line always help and be sure to add the name of the person to the subject line with your auto responder code for first name . I find that helps alot. If your offer something for free and have double opt in before they can get the free item I find this helps to create a much better quality list as they leave a main email address instaed of a junk email account, just keep that in mind when you are building up your list
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    Your emails should have high quality content. And always make sure you have a catchy and "worth to open" email subject. You need to catch your readers attention through your subject and of course, with the body of your email. Take note, your subscribers receive about hundreds of emails per day so your email should stand out from the rest.
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    It sounds to me like you either need help with your copy writing and headlines or your list was generated in a way where the people on it are just not interested in what you are promoting. I would ask if your unsubscribe rate is high? If it is, this would also be an indicator they aren't interested in what you are promoting.

    Its really important to generate your leads in the same niche as your promotional emails will be sent. If you promote in different niches, you should keep the lists separate and only promote in the niche you captured their name in unless you have related niches.

    Also: these days, unless you really provide great content regularly, people just delete 90% of the emails they get without reading them. The headline must truly capture them enough so they feel like they must open and take a look at it.

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    What I sometimes do is send out a broadcast and then give it 24hrs to see what open rates were like. Then I'll re-send the same email to people who did NOT open at a completely different time of the day to see if they open the second time round, can usually get high open rates on the second email.
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    Do surveys so that you know what they are wanting and then give it to them.
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    You might not want to promote the offer in your signature if you're not making any money online with your list.

    Get more subscribers, test price, switch around your email sequence, or... exit out of this niche and go into a different one.
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