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by JL8
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Hey guys,

I'm looking to turn every article I write on my blog into a video to put on YouTube.

I want to know whats the most efficient way to do this and if there are any other tips that go with this, besides just uploading the video with a keyword rich title and tags.

If there is a cool product that teaches how to YouTube market well I would like recommendations. Thanks!
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    Well, you can make a video where you yourself are reading the blog on webcam, or create a powerpoint with the words from your blog written on each page. Those are two simple suggestions to make it happen quickly for you! :-0)
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  • There are tools that allow you to do this (search 'convert text article to video' in youtube), however many of them suck.

    If you really want to do the uber lazy way of marketing via videos like that, check out animoto.com. At least you can make decent looking videos with the least amount of effort that might get some traction and not get your youtube channel banned for spam.
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    Instead of just mindlessly turning your blog content into a YouTube video spend some time creating a few tutorials, a YouTube channel and and embed those tutorials/videos into your blog posts.

    You can hire someone on oDesk to do this for you if they understand your niche.

    YouTube reminds me of Ezine Articles. Everybody loved how they could publish an article to EZA and see it ranked highly and then all of a sudden that stopped working and the traffic dried up.
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    You could go in front of a camera or do a ppt video with the main points and elaborate on them. Putting the entire text of an article into a video is a quick way to lose the interest of your audience. Why not just presell the content in a quick video and link it to the article.

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    I once saw a software on here that coverts articles into videos. Try searching for it on here. It seemed quite impressive and would increase the value of articles that are currently gathering dust.
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  • The best way is to get a microphone, a webcam, and a great speaking voice/accent to go along with it and start making vlogs/video tutorials. Most people go for the "see-and-listen" tutorials on YouTube, rather than just flashing texts in it. Example of a success story is Howcast and Robjnixon (Nicko's Kitchen). It works better that way, and it attracts alot of people to view your videos, because it will look so professional.
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    Hi JL8!

    I think you have a good idea in turning articles to videos. It is a good way to maximize your content. To stay out from any hassle, I suggest that you make a video out of forum posts related to your niche. Then, create an forum question and answer show featuring your company logo and yourself speaking into it.

    Hope this helps.

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