What tools to use for MLM Weightloss Marketing

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I have joined a Brand New (still in PreLaunch until Jan 2nd) MLM weightloss drink company. I am looking for ways to market it online.

What do you think about:

Fivverr Twitter/Facebooks Friends
SEO the crap out of my website to rank before the actual company

Here is the website for more information:

Not sure where to turn. Any help or direction to more resources would be excellent.

Ty Rudolph
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    You can rank your website high on google. Go to weight loss forums and write content about your website, this will help you promote your site and rank it higher . You can start by writing a few then you can outsource to someone who can write them (verify that he is writing good articles and not just spamming forums) .

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    Fivverr Twitter/Facebooks Friends
    If you mean you want to buy Fiverr gigs that will blast your link out to x,xxx to xx,xxx number of friends/followers, don't bother. These gigs are completely useless, at least from my experience. The "friends" and "followers" the gig sellers have are either completely inactive or they're flat out fake (bots). Plus, even if they are real people, don't forget that they're constantly being spammed to by the sellers.

    SEO the crap out of my website to rank before the actual company
    This could work if the company gains enough momentum to be searched for by name. However the catch-22 situation here is that if they are indeed that popular and known by name, their website would get a lot of hits and become an authority site. You are going to have a difficult time outranking them.

    On the flip side, if you do outrank them, then how well known is this company to begin with and how many people are really searching for them by name?

    When I got into video marketing a year ago I helped my friend set up 20-30 videos targeting longtail keywords in the MLM niche. Almost of all of them are ranked for very generic keywords, while only 2 were specific to the company he was working with. You could do very well with this.

    My friend eventually quit MLM (he hated selling, so honestly I don't know why he joined in the first place), and now he sells the leads obtained from the videos to his ex-upline!
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    It looks like you already found a way to market it online in your post.

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    You don't want to directly promote your network marketing company online,especially if you plan on setting up a website and driving traffic to it. Trying to drive traffic to the replicated website your company gave you is also out of the question. Have you ever thought about prospecting on facebook? You know,developing a relationship with the person first then asking them if they might be open to making money from home. Go that route.
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