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Hello, I have a domain name which I had purchased a year ago to start my development site where I would be giving away free plugins and themes. But as usual, I was so busy with the development work that I get from clients, that I just couldn't get time to build this site up.

This domain will expire in a couple of months, maybe within this month only. I want to ask all of you whether I should keep this domain and renew it or get a new one and start fresh ?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    Is there a reason you want to pick a different domain name now? I don't see any reason for it unless you no longer like the current name. I think keeping the existing domain name is a better idea, since it now has some age to it and you can "backpost" to make it appear more established to visitors.
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    No Sherry, I can continue with this one as well. I had not done anything to that domain, maybe just installed Wordpress there. I was just wondering which domains are better to rank, new ones or one that is a year old and never been used..
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    It's better to have an aged domain over a new one, so if you plan on actually using it, I'd keep it.
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    Clean aged domain is better than new domain. Age makes it look more credible and sometimes it is easier to promote since empty wordpress gets indexed by google relatively fast...

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    I'd definitely keep it having the aged domain will definitely help you get better rankings a bit quicker than a new domain.
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    if you don't like this name ever. You can give it to your friends to manage. Or you can sell it.
    Why do you want to start a new one ? Renewal price is only about $10, there is no reason to drop it. Think about what you did for previous 1 year...
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    There is a reason that established domains sell, even without content. That's because an aged domain is more established in the eyes of the search engines than a new one - and easier to rank. You could probably find someone in the WF or Elance who could build out the site for you while you're working with clients. At least that would get the project started
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    I think you should renew it and try to sell on
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    I say keep this domain just because its aged. Aged domains have more value than new ones.
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