Do you Like Your Eggs Scrambled or Over Easy??

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Hello Warriors!

I hope you all are having a
great day today!

I would like to start off with
a quote for the day....

"The greatest accomplishment is not in
never failing, but in rising
again after you fall"
--Vince Lombardi

So do you like your eggs scrambled or over easy?
If you don't like eggs then this obviously
won't pertain to you...well ...substitute the
egg for something else i suppose.

As we all know scrambled eggs are easy to
make, quick and take little effort. You break
the egg dump and mix it up in a bowl...throw a bit
of milk in with it for fluff and pour it
into a skillet. No worries, no need to be careful
(except so that you do not burn yourslelf)
Then you occasionally stir them or "scramble"
them until they are done. Add some salt
and pepper if you like and eat.

An over easy egg on the other hand takes time
patients and a careful eye. And for most people
you will have to try cooking an egg over easy
a couple of times before you get it right.
With this style egg, as I am sure you know,
You have to carefully break the egg into the skillet
ensuring the yolk does not break. Then after
it has cooked for a while, under your
watchful eye, ensuring it does not burn,
you gently flip the egg..this is
the tricky part and usually the step where your
over easy egg becomes a scrambled egg if you
break the yolk. This is also the phase where
you either say to yourself...

this is too hard... heck with this...I'm just gonna make
scrambled eggs from now on


I know what i did wrong there...i will work on
it next time and make the perfect over easy egg!

So....which style egg do you like to make?

Now, how do you go about your internet marking

Are you the type of person who throws a bunch of
marketing products into one big basket, taking
little effort, and then dumping it onto
the Internet. Watching it here and there? Are you the
person who is looking for the easy quick fix? Just
throw it all together quickly..scrambling from here to
there...taking the easy road and willing to settle?
I bet you like
scrambled eggs?

-Or are you the type of person who carefully places
a key product onto the Internet skillet. Taking the time
to watch it ensuring it won't burn. Are you the
type of person who carefully flips your product
cooking equally on the other side?

Do you take your time to ensure your
golden egg turns out just right? I bet your
the type of person who likes
your eggs over easy...and...knows that...

"The greatest accomplishment is
not in never failing, but in rising
again after you fall",

meaning that if your yolk breaks and your
over easy egg (your product and the way you
market it) is now a failure you do not
give up. Rather, you keep trying until you
get it right.

So...let me know!

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    What if you just prefer the taste of scrambled eggs? The fact that they are easier to cook should not be seen as a negative. They are also more likely to be safe to eat due to being cooked enough.
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    Actually, I prefer my eggs unfertilized.

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      I'll eat any egg inbetween two rounds of bread... mmmmmmm

      sorry, probably doesnt fit in with the thread
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