How to know exactly what your costumer wants

by smaver
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Hi warriors,

I have been working on my market research for a few months now and finally I am starting to get some results. I wanted to share with you all what´s really working for me in order to get inside the consumers mind.

First I started looking on facebook groups or pages where my potencial costumers could be. When I found a few, I started launching friend requests with and a msg seing "I have read you in "these page" and would love to talk to you about the subject" ( I did these like 5 times each day max to avoid facebook blooking my account for spam )

When I had some friends ( I was surprise by the number of people that acepted my frienship request ) I started chatting with them and after a few minutes of conversation I asked them directly: "What is your biggest fear related to "niche"?"

Second surprise I got, people where more than willing to share there insights with me and after a few weeks period, I had a pretty decent idea of what people on my niche wanted to know.

After getting these info, I wrote a 5 page ebook explaining how to solve these problem. I offer it for free, the only thing the person needed to do in order to get it was to answer 3 simple question:

What is your biggest fear ?

What is your biggest frustration ?

What do you want to achieve solving these problema ?

And that´s all, I send it to all my emailing list, posted on my facebook fan page, the groups I belong to and all the forums I use to hang out on and the magic begun. Since the free content I was offering was something that my potencial costumers really wanted to know, they were more than willing to get it for free just answering these 3 quiestions.

Once the data started coming in, I begun writting revelant content realated to my costumers fears an aspirations to keep the interest growing and people coming back to my blog.

I even set up a follow up so that every need suscriber get´s to participate in the market research, it goes on autopilot now.

And that´s were I am right now, digging deeper and deeper in my costumer mind in other to find out what he really wants and comunicated that in my marketing messages and content.

Hope these help´s you if you are trying to figure out what your costumer´s needs are.

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