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Does anyone know...

What approximate percentage of Baidu users are actually writing exclusively in english or using english on their chinese websites?

Inquiring minds want to know


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    What i can tell is the % is very very low.
    Baidu is more lucrative and easier than big G. My friend bought 7 xrumer licences and bomb baidu, lol.
    You outsouce content at elance and work on Chinese market--fool baidu.
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      Very few or close to none.

      The real question for me is/was: How many Baidu users will respond favorably to English content (i.e. read it instead of bouncing)... The answer, even fewer than I thought.

      Also I wouldn't call Baidu more lucrative than Google. It's very SEO unfriendly, even when closely working with someone who can speak the language.
      * KW research is a nightmare
      * Link spam is almost "allowed" - which is much worse than it may sound, because everyone else is doing it (and were doing it for a long time)
      * Baidubot ignores robots.txt and its scanning rate can go out of control and really hurt your bandwidth


      Not many profit opportunities either due to: low bids, rarely geo-targeted, scarce affiliate options.

      In the end it wasn't for me.
      Still, some may think differently.

      Igal Zeifman
      Community Manager / SEO @Incapsula - Cloud Security and Acceleration | DDoS Protection

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