I got a site online... what's the next step to get traffic ???

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After like a 2 year IM break I finally got a new site online. It's selling an ebook basically. Like a sales letter pitch. Then I'm using JVzoo to take the orders.

I'm basically in business but I want to run some traffic threw it fast to see if my sales letter is even at all effective. What's the best way to do that? Or what are the top things I should do next to start to build some traffic?

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    If you want quick, quality traffic, Google Adwords would be good for testing. Be careful about people selling traffic or offering linking strategies of low quality (and there are LOTS of these types of offers!).
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Originally Posted by dvduval View Post

      If you want quick, quality traffic, Google Adwords would be good for testing. Be careful about people selling traffic or offering linking strategies of low quality (and there are LOTS of these types of offers!).
      What would you recommend for a cpa offer. means i have a peerfly account but searching a product. what should be the criteria to search good product.
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        I'm guessing you don't have any list at all? If you don't then a soload will be a good way to get some traffic.

        If you do then try an ad swap.
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      The thing is, as you want fast traffic, you should consider going with Adwords then because thats the best source of immediate traffic. But be careful about it. Dont take it to the next level (spend too much on Adwords) unless you are an expert with it. Just spent some money to do testings, as I believe you dont have past experience of using adwords.

      Adwords is the best solution to your problem, as you mentioned you want fast traffic to test your sales copy.

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    Share your link. I want to see if you're ready for paid traffic just yet.
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      Originally Posted by Confined To Life View Post

      Share your link. I want to see if you're ready for paid traffic just yet.
      This is a kind offer! Take him up on it.
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    • Originally Posted by Confined To Life View Post

      Share your link. I want to see if you're ready for paid traffic just yet.
      Great suggestion by Confined to Life. We would like to see if your site is ready for that kind of thing. Always remember that quality is one of your highest priorities, and must not neglected. Let us review it. Thank you!
      Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    Use social networking sites like Twitter, facebook, YouTube, Plaxo, Linkedin and others to promote your site, share the links to each of your ebook, and make some online acquaintances through social network.
    You can also use a Recommend this Site script for your website so that visitors can easily recommend your site to others by just tapping on the web.
    Try also to use websites where you can post a link to your site for free.
    Some of these are the following:
    Craigslist, Google Base,
    Classifieds for Free,
    Text Link Exchange
    Yahoo Classifieds
    US Free Ads
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    okay i'll try adwords
    EXERCISE: Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds, release. ..... There see you feel better now???
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    Make social media pages for your website.
    Facebook and twitter are important
    submit your urls in do follow bookmarking sites.
    above mentioned are only some options.
    You can make your own plans
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    I would recommend you to find affiliates who will promote your eBook to their lists. That way you could have a ton of free traffic to your site. Of course as more generous with your commissions to them you will be more affiliates you will get. It's up to you. But first of all you should set your squeeze page with autoresponder so you can build your list and in the future you can promote your products to that list.

    Wish you a great success with your business.

    Do you have dreams? - http://frankoferencic.com
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    spam still works, but it's tricky now
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    Hey aceshigh888,
    Try this [My assumptions are that you don't want to spend a lot of money testing and that you want quick traffic results];
    1. In your choice niche, choose a question that most potential customers may have. Answer that question in a 500 word article. If you are not good at writing, get someone to write it for you.

    2. Next, go to fiverr and search for an article spinning and submission service. This will cost you $5. Your one article will be spun and submitted to many different article directories with a link back to your sales page/landing page. This should start driving traffic to your sales page.

    3. [optional] You may also look for a gig that tweets or shares your link with their followers on facebook and have your sales page link shared. This will drive more instant traffic for another $5.

    4. Sit back and watch how it converts. Then tweak it appropriately to see if it improves.

    Once sure that you have a top converting sales page, you can now go ahead and buy solo ads or PPC ads which drive targeted customers to it.
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    Get yourself a Youtube channel set up and make short videos on your niche. Add the link to your site in the description making sure that the keyword is in the title and main description.
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    Ok, since you want fast traffic, you can go about actually buying the traffic. PPC and media buys are great paid traffic methods. Read extensively about PPC before you get into it; it's very easy to lose a lot of money in PPC if you don't know what you are doing. As for media buys, check whether the numbers of views they claim they get is true before you pay them. Alternatively, you can set up a commission deal with the site owners, where you pay them a certain % for every sale you get from the banners placed on their sites. Not every website owner will agree to this, but I'm sure some would.

    Since you are selling via JVZoo, you already have access to affiliates. Offer them a decent % (not below 50%) and if your sales page converts well, and you don't have too many refunds, you'll definitely get affiliates willing to promote for you. My only advice is, be careful about who you accept. We hear many horror stories about affiliates trying to cheat the product owners out of their money. Maybe you can have a delayed commission depending on the refund period you offer.

    I would also suggest you build a blog on your site, as that builds your credibility and also paves way for search engine traffic. I've posted about bringing traffic to and via blogs here (this can be used as a backlinking strategy too): http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post7496968

    Also, build a social presence for your site via videos and social media sites (fan pages etc). Warrior forum is a great way to bring traffic too (via paid and free traffic methods, i.e banner ads, WSO and signatures).

    Hope this helped. All the best!
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    If you use some useful backlink and create some informative contents then I hope you'll get direct traffic easily.
    I believe it's enough for getting traffic.
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    You can try link redirect traffic. I know it's low quality but if you select US traffic and you select the right provider, you can get lots of traffic for pennies on the dollar. Again, this is good for TESTING your sales page. Once you've fine tuned your sales page and split tested it properly, you can move on to more expensive but more finely targeted traffic sources.
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    Hi there, I still think free classified sites are a good place to generate some traffic. I operate a couple of sites you may be interested in trying out for free.


    If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.


    Picasso's quote best describes me: "I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it."

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