How do i find the emails created on their domain?

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If i know a domain name has two people working e.g. John and Michael but doesnt exist or either does michael, is there any way without guessing to find out what emails are registered under that domain?

p.s. if possible a really simple way, thanks.
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    You can do a "who-is" search and send email to the contact(s) listed. You can do this even if they registered the domain with "privacy protection": it should be redirected to them.

    You can also try things like "admin", "info" and "support" at

    Some webmasters have "catch-all" email-forwarding set up so that email sent to "anyone"/"anything" at will reach them.

    These are good ways of contacting them, but not a way of finding out what email addresses are created on their domain. I don't know of a way of doing that. I can't imagine that anyone other than Namecheap's staff (if they ever looked) would know what email addresses have been set up there on any of my own domains.
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