What CRM System Do You Use In Your IM Business & Recommend?

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I'm looking for a good CRM system to tie together all of the customer info in my IM business - preferably not one that only charges a year ahead (been burned by too many dud hosting companies on that trick!).

What do you use, like and recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Terry,

    I haven't used many of them, but ACT! is my favorite. I've been using it for years although not for an IM-related business.

    Sage ACT! | CRM, Contact and Customer Relationship Management Software

    Hope this helps.

    All The Very Best,

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    After using expensive software - Goldmine - I explored various web-based CRMs.

    Finding the right CRM is like dating - you never know which one you'll resonate with.

    I compared:
    Salesforce.com - too complex.
    Then tried Highrise and Batchbook and Zoho - not right.

    And then I found...Solve360 by norada.com...just right!

    Every day i'll discover a new neat feature and think, 'what a good idea!'.
    Total cost of ownership is reasonable - 3 users is currently under $30 a month.
    Functionality is brilliant. Give Solve360 a try.
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    I've only used ACT and Outlook with the Business Contact Manager and ACT gets my vote.
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      Forgot desktop software if you have large lists and want advanced capabilities. Zoho with some custom scripts is the way to go.
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    I'd have to say Infusionsoft or Premium Web Cart. Infusionsoft is MUCH more expensive and I really like what PWC is doing. They are more affordable and have don't have the $2,000 buy-in.

    PWC has some excellent CRM functions and you can do tagging, if/then stuff, SMS, and lots more. They upgraded their system a few months ago.
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