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I've been in and out of the forums for the past few years and I've been trying to figure out IM.

Is there a lot of money to be made in niche marketing? It seems like the formula goes like this:
-Create a digital product on a particular niche
-Make a website with good free content and the product for sale
-Offer a free report or something of value to get the visitors email. (get a list going)
- Send emails to the list of existing clients or potential clients to get them to buy and buy more.
-Use different techniques to get page up in rankings (SEO) to get more traffic and clients.

How many people are making money with this system? Let's say I set up a site on weight lifting and have a program customized to gain 15 lbs of muscle in 6 weeks (hypothetical.. idk anything about weight lifting). Let's say by some miraculous reason, and a lot of work, I get the page to number one on google. How much traffic can that generate in one day? I know conversion is everything but I don't see that many people spending money on digital products.

It seems like the best niche to find people to buy digital information is Internet marketing and most of the stuff out there is the same old "stuff" (better copywriting skills, improve seo, wordpress plug-ins). The ones who are making money are selling to those who are desperate to make money online.

Going back to the weight lifting niche, can anyone make money in a niche other than IM? I guess I don't see that many regular (non-IM) people looking for, finding, and buying digital products. And if there are they pop out 3-4 sales a week at best.

Can anyone who has made money online through a niche site comment? I know people are making money I just think it is mostly successful internet marketers selling to potential internet marketers.
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    Sure there is lots of money to be made in all sorts of niches. If people feel passionate about something, they'll pay for it. Examples - off-the-grid energy, relationships, weight loss, parenting, getting pregnant, emergency prepping, muscle building, etc. In the past year I made a full-time income promoting digital products in these niches.

    And what you're describing will work, but 99% of people fail at it because you have to stick at it for a long time before you make any decent money, takes a long time to build up enough SEO authority and get a steady stream of traffic.

    Honestly though, I've moved away from the traditional blog/seo internet marketing model, Google's been too unpredictable this year, don't wanna have my eggs all in that basket. List-building, flipping websites, facebook, youtube - those are avenues for quicker, safer online income.
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    I have also backed away from organic SEO. Just too much work to put in for something Google can change in a blink.
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    There is a simple formula to success with anything

    Decide what you want to do. Create a plan of action. Continue doing that plan and make changes when necessary until you are successful. Even if it takes you years. Simple formula but 95% of people don't seem to get that you have to stick with something until its successful.
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    There is a certain element of "selling the dream" versus having customers who realize that dream. The real money is when you make a product where people like it enough that they come back for more or tell their friends. And I have to say, there is a warm fuzzy feeling when you know people's lives were improved because of what you did. Start with the idea that you can change lives, and then realize that is possible if you are committed, honest and will follow through until you change lives for the better.
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    Each of the above posts have very relevant points. I'll on add that it doesn't have to take a long time or forever to reach your goals. Let state up front that I haven't achieved what I want YET. But the formula does work if you provide your audience with what THEY want versus what you want to sell them. How do you know what they want? YOU ASK THEM.

    As one of my mentors recently pointed out to me, there is a ton of info on how to set up a Wordpress blog and people are still buying this info. Why? Because it's not always about the info. A big part is they are buying YOU. Develop a relationship with them, help them solve THEIR problem, and chances are great when they are looking for that piece of info, you are the person that comes to mind. Treat them like people, not human ATMs; treat them the way you would want to be treated and watch your sales grow.

    Just my thoughts...
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    Hello Danielgo,
    if you want to make a long lasting profitable business you should have a good relationship with your customers. Your first thought should be needs of ones that are going to buy from you. How can you help them with your product/service? How can you resolve problems they have. That way you'll have loyal returning customers which will buy from you again and again and will recommend you to other people. Your name will became known as someone who is over delivering and like somebody who can be trusted. How can you gain trust of your customers. You should give them something valuable for free and then sell them your product. As much free valuable content you give away more trust and better relationship you will have with your customers.
    When you will be giving away free stuff you should do it through opt in page so you are building your list at the same time. Later you can gain even better relationship with your list by offering them more free stuff and then selling them your products. With doing that your list will be high responsive and your selling campaigns will be very successful.
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    Everyone here has given you excellent information and I would just like to toss in my two sense. Most of the time with digital information products what you are selling is not as much the information but a solution to their problem. So the key to having a successful product and happy customers is to make sure whatever problem you promise to help them solve your product delivers.

    If they are expecting to gain 15 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks makes sure your product delivers on that promise. People like when things meet their expectations and are elated when they exceed their expectations.
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