Does it work if I don't have a niche?

by Jensha
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I mean say I have one website, and instead of just writing contents for weight loss, I write articles of anything I find important in the web that is usually searched?

Say 1st blog post is about weight loss, then #2 is about how to earn $100 in 2 weeks, then the next is the best way to groom your dog and blog post #4 is about how to create a good thesis for college?

You know, so that I have tons of keywords for a general blog post with decent ads at every page.

Is there a downside to this?

And I'm thinking of monetizing such website just by putting adsense or adbrite ads into it.

Good idea? Or not really?
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    You must choose a niche that'll you'll focus on your website. and you need to optimize all your website pages to get traffic.

    if you really prefer to go that way and post any topic you want. then you should at least categorize your posts.

    keep in mind if you're posting anything you like then you're ain't going to be making any serious cash from your website.

    because to make money you need promote offers related to your site niche and your site don't have a niche.
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    You should definitely focus on one niche. The site you're describing would be fine if it were articles related to one particular interest, with an opt-in form on every page of the site.

    You need to be building a list, and if your traffic is too diverse it's very difficult to appeal to them with your lead magnet or generate targeted leads.
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    Yeah, if you pick one niche, you'll have more luck with AdSense also.
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    Ok so for example you start to clean your 1000 sq ft house - what do you do? Can you start cleaning every room, corner or space at the same time? or you start with one room and then move on to another?

    Yes you can start working on every corner if YOU HAVE A TEAM - but in your case, since its a one man show - better to start working one by one. Otherwise, you'll be wasting precious time and effort.
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    Yeah, the site would be scattered and so would your traffic.

    Best to stick with one, shoot out multiple if you are so daring, but each should have it's specific niche. Otherwise there would be too much chaos causing lost revenue.
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    You should stick to one topic. I personally changed the topic of my blog several times andI can tell that it could be doing a lot better if I targeted a particular niche. Good luck!
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    As noted, pick one niche and stick to it. The only topic changes you want are ones that relate to the niche directly. For example, let's say you take on the growing herbs niche. You can develop that topic and perhaps write about the history of growing herbs. And then next perhaps what the benefits of growing your own herbs are. What are the challenges? What are common mistakes? And so on...
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    Thank you all so much for your answers.

    I still got one issue I need your advice. Or please give other threads related to this.

    I don't have much money yet. And I can afford only to one website and domain.

    I want to learn hubpages.

    So you see, I'm planning on using one domain name and perhaps start off with three niches to it or perhaps just two BUT, i'll e putting those niches each with a sub domain.

    SO say, domain is.

    then a page that is for games reviews.

    then a page for weightloss products.

    both pages are blogs each under a separate subdomain.

    this way I'll only be buying one domain, but I get to work with two niches or more. But I'm really thinking of only two, 3 max. I don't think I have time for more than that anyway.

    Does this kind of thing work?

    My crazy reasoning for this.

    If I have one domain with a generic name, then I can easily switch niches or add another in case i fail in one or all instead of buying domain names for each and every niche I got.

    Say, game forum .com then weightloss products .com and iphone .com.

    That's about $30 already!

    But if all of them are just in subdomains then I can just pay for one domain.

    I think it's still better to have paid services instead of getting free hosting that's why I'm taking this under advisement from all of you guys.
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    Dont create a "general" blog or site. You'll speak nobody's language, and you wont build a subscriber base.
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    Everybody is saying stick to one niche. You can create a blog that revolves around your life. You can still talk about anything and everything you want to talk about and it will still be focused.
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    if you want a muti niche blog id go with something that sounds like it for everything then make different sections for each niche and have one big massive site in the end
    Each niche having different list etc because you do not want to email someone about loosing weight when they signed up for dog toys.

    another problem is you will have 1 post trying to rank for one keyword and one for another so it will take awhile if ever to get ranked.

    Id find something you like and do that so you enjoy it while getting it ranked
    Myself I like Women,Beer and steaks so you can guess what kinda sites i do lol
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      I suggest you read up Silo websites. You could organize your site into *some* categories that are *somewhat* relevant. Depends upon how you spin it.

      To me, weight loss and make money online don't seem to gel (but you may be innovative enough to create a focus). However, health, diabetes, weight loss, exercises, gym equipments, books on health, psychology, mood disorders, mind control etc can gel well if you weave your net beautifully.

      Hope I could clarify.
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    Sites like write on a vast array of topics - so you could follow that model, but they have a team of experts/guest writers all contributing content which makes that a possibility.

    The good thing about a site that targets just about anything and everything is that you can grow it over time, and you do not have to keep investing in and managing new sites/domains which can get tricky/expensive.
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    Thanks guys! huh... Yeah that could work as a model for me if I ever I follow that path.
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    Yeah, this might work, but you should have more content in each topic you focus on. As the warriors above my post mentioned, divide your blog into categories, and try to post more blog posts for each category. This way, someone who comes looking for a weight loss article would still have more articles to read once they are finished with the original article. They might even bookmark your blog and come back later to read more. You need to get repeat visitors, that is the main aim here, so the more content you have on one topic, the more repeat visitors you get.

    Subscribing to your blog would be a problem though, coz someone interest in weight loss would get notifications about a make money blog post, and they might get irritated because it's not relevant to them.

    So, it's a good idea, but it does have it's downfalls. One such downfall is ranking. Niche sites focus on one topic and thus they rank faster. For example, if you are linking from one blog post to another, then once one of the blog posts rank, there is a chance that the posts that were linked to that blog post rank too. So, if you have a network of posts linking to one another within your blog, ranking would be easier. But, since your posts are about different topics, it wouldn't make sense to link one another. So, you'd need a lot of authority to rank posts in different topics, and that takes time.
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    Relevance is one of the major factors in an effective SEO campaign, and plays a large part in site conversions and sales levels. Page relevance helps to ensure that a site is indexed appropriately with the search engines while relevant links help to improve search engine ranking.

    So yes, you should always focus on your niche business and you should write only on the subject that you deal with.
    Monitor Scout - Website & Server Monitoring
    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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  • Having multiple niches won't be beneficial. Your aim is to bring one niche to perfection, then move on to another once everything's said and done (and is profiting on its own). It's like this: You want to learn instruments. You can either choose to focus on one and excel in it, or you could try and learn all instruments in one sitting but risk mediocrity and failure.
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