Can this site make me $700 a month?

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Hello warriors,

I am new and infact this is my first post. I hope i will get a good response.

I just created an affiliate website under a different name. The affiliate site is energy4earthreview .com here i am trying to sell energy4earth at a $31 commission.

I have already written 10 articles that are pending in ezine article and i am going to write like 50 more before the end of the week.

So i will like you to review the site and tell me what you think. Thanks
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    It's all about targeted search engine traffic and a proper pre-sell.
    Review sites can make a killing, just make sure you actually HAVE some reviews on it..
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    Hey dude, when I have visited the site, I have found only sales page. There is no content to review.
    Use backlinks with your articles, that way this site can reach at $700.
    Dont expect this target for next 2-3 months.
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    First, I'd like to say that you've picked a very good niche. Second, the website you chose to market should convert very well. Now you need to drive targeted traffic to the website. The more traffic you send to the site, the more money you will make. There really is no limit to your income.

    The only small caveat is, you haven't created a website as you mentioned, but used a URL redirect, which is also a very smart idea when promoting affiliate products.

    I wish you much success,

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    This is the product site essentially not yours. Do I think it's a good niche for you to be in yes. But as far as making $700. or $0.00 is going to depend on you and your ability to drive targeted traffic to the site.

    As mentioned before why don't you use your EZA articles to drive traffic to your own review site, so you can grab the traffic and get them to sign up on your own list and then send them to the products site. As you already have some articles written and are writing more use several of them to start building your own review site.

    I applaud you for taking action.

    The Old Geezer

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    Hmmm after visiting your site one thing i can say you.. 700$ per month as startoff target is not bad..
    You just need to market your site and get good traffic.All your earning is depending upon your sell..
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      The website is myenegy4earthreview .com.

      Please check it for and let me know what you think
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    Please help me out with it.

    The website is: myenergy4earthreview .com

    Let me know what you think
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    Just be patient and don't spam the thread.

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