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Well im wanting to start up in the IM business . But not completely sure where to start i want to do something with advertising sites something like that. what do you think?
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    how to locate traffic where to create a domain name . and how to commence receiving a profit from it. As well what is making money in this IM world what direction should i take that will definitely create a profit
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    Well, you're in the right place! Spend some time reading and learning - there are some great Warriors here who can offer helpful advice. Best of luck & Happy Holidays!
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    Originally Posted by stephan41 View Post

    Well im wanting to start up in the IM business . But not completely sure where to start i want to do something with advertising sites something like that. what do you think?
    Use the search function on the forum. type 'adsense'
    read the threads in Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum

    Join the War room

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    Stephan41, the IM business is nothing more than using the Internet as a marketing strategy or tool. You will accomplish all of the things you would do to market offline (garner leads, sell a product, follow up) except that you can do it at a much lower cost and much faster.

    Stay focused on producing quality information products that improve someone else's life. Focus on one or two different means of driving traffic and learn them well before moving on.

    Do NOT GET DISTRACTED by the multitude of WSOs that are sold. If the WSO is teaching a different strategy in the traffic generation method you are using then it's applicable - but do not get distracted by income claims, list building claims or any other claims when they do not meet the criteria you set up for yourself.

    Read, read and then read a bit more in the forum. Join the War Room - it is a very good investment in your business. Read in the War Room. Determine a business model you will use and then get started working!

    Have a prosperous 2013!
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Domain name you can purchase from places like
    Namecheap.com etc just use google as you seem very new
    I suggest just looking through the warriorforum before going out and buying all-sorts

    If you can afford it I would suggest finding a mentor there not cheap but pick the right one and the value of skills and methods you learn will for exceed the cost of the coaching

    Are you any good at social networking for example can you create facebook pages and able to generate hundreds,thousands of real fans easily and quick?
    Or are you a good writer, are you good with photoshop,video creation. Etc
    take alook through warriorforum find out more info about the topics above and find one that intrested you and then learn everything you can about it to the point where it is profitable for you and then rinse repeat an the maybe learn something else...

    But seriously take alook into getting on a coaching programm the mentor will help you greatly
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    Welcome to the forum

    My first bit of advice is to have a look around at the different types of ways people make money. Once you find one you like stick to that 1 method until you see results.

    For example, I make 1 page websites (squeeze pages.) Some people build authority sites, and others may blog. But one thing that everyone does, or should do, is they build their email list. 90% of your income will come from people who have opt in to your email list.

    My second peice of advice is try not to always be in the learning mode. Once you learn some valuable information - take action. There is a famous quote that goes, "A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week"

    Simply this means when doing anything, creating a website, driving traffic to your site, creating a product - it does not have to be perfect. The main thing is you do it and get it out there. You can always go back and tweak and make it better
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      what's up stephan!

      as far as domain name a hosting goes, i might be able to help out with that. my hosting cost me $20 for the whole year (I got the service from someone in the warrior forum). domain name is about $12. if you're not much of a technological person and need a blog set up for you and other things that come right out the box, there's this program (i have it) that takes care of almost everything but it does cost.
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    I suggest you do some research and learn the basics of IM, which you can here in the Warriorforum and you should try to make a website and sign up to CPA networks. Drive traffic to your website and then monitize with the CPA ads. Good luck on your journey!
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    Originally Posted by stephan41 View Post

    Well im wanting to start up in the IM business . But not completely sure where to start i want to do something with advertising sites something like that. what do you think?
    The first thing you need to do is to figure out what niche market you want to go into. A niche is a group of people who have some kind of problem and are willing to pay for a solution. Some examples are like weight loss, dating, video games, toys, electronics and so on. The niche you choose should be one that's profitable and one that you have an interest in.

    Good luck,
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    Learning by doing. just it.. in first step, maybe you learn how to build wordpress site -> understanding about SEO -> monetize your site
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    My suggestion is :
    -Make a site, enrich with articles and affiliate products.
    -Promote your site
    - Do SEO, get good ranking in search engines
    - Collect revenue, thats it.
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      Welcome to the Forum
      My suggestion -read,read,read all the free information you can.
      Organize - research a Niche before you jump in and buy domains and hosting
      Outline a draft or plan.
      Sign up with PayPal, Jvzoo and or Clickbank. Research the Products. If the product has value and you would definitely buy it. Then you have one product to promote.
      Don't get overwhelmed. If there is something you are not sure of, then ask.
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    First of all, welcome to the Warrior Forum!

    Grab a notebook and a pen and get searching on the forum itself. You need to find out about the different types of income streams available to IMers and decide which one you think interests you and fits with your current lifestyle and initial skill set.

    Pick one, stick with it and take action!

    Best of luck.
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    I will risk and say that the warrior fourm has the largest amount of internet marketing material in the world [articles,softweres,plugins,themes,...].
    Spend some time and read some posts on the forum,it wont take long untill somthing will catch your eye.
    About domain and hosting,it is up to you,search the web for the cheapest place you can,I've used hostgater,iPage and GoDaddy.They all were the same but the fact that iPage isn't using cPanel although the control panel was user friendly.I would also recommend,always use the live chat or support card and ask for a better price,it always works.
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    Hey Stephan

    There's alot to learn, so this is a good place to start. Get all the info you can and that will point you in the direction where you want to go. Then focus on that
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    Since there is so much garbage online, I am not going to recommend any sites right now. This will overwhelm you very fast.

    I would go out and buy a book called:

    How I Made My First Million Online And How You Can Too by Ewen Chia.

    You can buy this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. This book will give you everything you need to succeed online and start on the right foot.
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    welcome stephan41. Start with a blog. You can write about your daily learning on IM.
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    starting out for the first time is hard. You need 3 things:
    1) a website
    2) a product
    3) traffic

    Unless you just do affiliate marketing.
    EXERCISE: Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds, release. ..... There see you feel better now???
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      I suggest you take your time, read as much as you can and make up your mind where to place your foot in the internet marketing world. Then ask questions based on your chosen path. You sound more like you are still chasing the latest shinny objects, and focus is hard to come by with such a mindset. The War Room can also be a good pointer.
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    Think what you can do or what you like to do (designs, article writing etc.) Then join freelancers websites. Then start with affiliate marketing.

    Good luck.
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