How to find everything and anything you need on this forum!

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Every question you could ever think of has probably been asked on this forums many times and has had multiple responses. Now I know the search function can give back some interesting answers when you search for something like, what is a WSO, it is just stuffed with WSO products. Now let me tell you this little tip.

Since the warrior forum is so big Google just loves to index it, this means it gets indexed very dam quick and most posts are probably indexed. Now if you have a question which you want answered, go to google and type this in... "Put your question between these speech marks"

Make sure you click on more results from the warrior forum!!

Now Google will go away and give you every result where that phrase (Question) has been asked and most probably answered.
Now lets take this a step further...

Google also reports back WSO products and maybe this isn't good for you because you don't want to buy a product, not a problem!
Type in... "blog traffic" -wso

If you want to take away a specific word out of the search, in this case "WSO" put a minus on it. This will mean that any results with "WSO" in will not be returned to you, thus narrowing down your search!!

Lets take this even further for you!

We are not interested in information which has been generated 6 years ago, we want something more up to date, well thats not a problem either...

On the page you have searched you will see this

Click on search tools, click anytime so the box drops down and then pick how long you want to go back! This means you can narrow your phrase right down! Simples, Google can also do a lot more for you, here is a page which shows you everything you can add into the search box to make your search better!!

Operators and more search help - Web Search Help


Originally Posted by Rob Maggs View Post

Hey Guys,

Just made a tool to automate the above as a special Xmas gift for you, the tool is made in Ubot and you can select 24 hour/Monthly/Yearly searches. The software returns results in a printable format.

Warriorforum search tool - YouTube

Download the software here:

Merry Xmas

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  • Thanks! The search here has been a puzzle. This is terrific!

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    very detailed post, helping us find the answers we are looking for here. Thank you
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  • Great post, and a great way of using Google to our advantage. Nice share!
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    Hey that was a pretty cool post!
    Thanks bro!
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    If everyone did this it would definitely stop most of the common questions on this forum Unfortunately not every one will do this! Just remember people, this could easily be used in market research for your niche, look at the short codes provided by Google and use your imagination . By using the ~ could easily help you generate more phrases and topics related to the orignal, just a thought.
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    Hey Guys,

    Just made a tool to automate the above as a special Xmas gift for you, the tool is made in Ubot and you can select 24 hour/Monthly/Yearly searches. The software returns results in a printable format.

    Download the software here:

    Merry Xmas

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    Nice post. I do the exact same thing for a number of different sites / forums / etc. Google search is pretty powerful if you can get the hang of it.
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    This post going to be very helpful for everyone who new to this forum as well for old warrior. Thanks
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    This is AWESOME!
    Newbies can start digging for gold information using this search technique!
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    That's a cool trick, you can also use browser search extension/plugins. i use Google chrome and i use the "search the current site" extension for searching through websites.

    in that case you don't have to visit Google and type "site:www.warriorforum dot com"

    you just head over the extension which is placed on your browser and type the keyword you want to search and press enter, google will now search the website for that particular keyword you're looking for.

    Firefox too similar plugin.
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