Please Help Me Get This File to My Client

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Hello all,

I have a HUGE file that I need to get to my client. It is impossible to drive to her. I have a video file for her, it is 2:45:00 and it is 25 GB. I do not have a Blu ray burner, and I am looking for FTP sites that will allow me to upload such a large file. Does anyone know of such a site?

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    Turn it into a torrent?
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    I believe mediafire will allow you to do this. If all else fails... sign up for a web hosting company who offers unlimited file hosting.
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    This is the best way I know to do it. This will cost your client $13.

    First you need to split file into 5GB parts. You can do with WinRAR. Then register an account at and upload all parts using their FTP upload feature. Rapidgator the generates links to each file which require premium account in order to download.

    Edit: No Mediafire! their maximum filesize is 200mb.
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      Thank you all for your fast responses. I tried Mediafire, but without upgrading to a Business account, I am unable to upload more than 200MB at a time. I did, though, use Utorrent to create a torrent. I am going to try that and send it to her.

      THanks again,

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    if you have the room for it....try Dropbox. all you gotta do is upload the file and share the folder with your client. you'll definitely have to buy some extra capacity for a file that large though.
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  • Have you tried Firesovermiles? It is a direct P2P website.
    I have used this in the past, and it didn't disappoint me one bit.
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    Google (non affiliation). I sent my friend an entire season of their favorite TV show using this and it works great.
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    Simply go to google and search "file sharing site" and you can even search for a minimum of 25GB starting size. Though I believe dropbox will be able to handle that as I've done large files before.
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