My First Squidoo Lens

by hal1989 11 replies
I am new to this article marketing thing (and to the Warrior forum) and have just created my first squidoo lens:

How to Drop a Dress Size - What Every Woman Wants

Any advice or critiques from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated.

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    I rated it 5 stars for you. Not a bad first lens. Keep building them.

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      I didn't read a lot of it, about to head off to bed...

      But scrolling through. If that's what you wrote on your first Lens. WTG! Filled with information.

      My question is, what's the goal of your Lens? Affiliate links, driving traffic, backlinks??
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        Looks pretty good to me. The only thing I would change would be to replace one of the affiliate links with a banner. It's a bit repetitive when you see "click here to start losing weight" throughout the lens.

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        Thanks for helping me - the rookie - out. I am trying to get links to the Clickbank product Strip that fat.
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          That's a very well done Lens. I've got some suggestions if you're looking for feedback.

          Keep it to promoting one product.
          Cloak your affiliate links.
          Track the link clicks.

          Clickbank lets you adjust their links to track. This is so you can see which one is most effective and actually bringing in the most sales. I found most of the buyers at a Squidoo affiliate site that I have almost always read to the bottom and clicked on those. Your results may bedifferent, but it's still helpful to know what your visitors are doing.

          Giving them choices can sometimes lower your sales too, since they have another option after you've been pushing another product on them. With Squidoo I think you need to limit Clickouts as much as possible to what you want them to click. They've got their Adsense on the page as well as possible off-site related Lenses they can go to, so I make sure if they're leaving my page anywhere on my content they're heading through my affiliate link.

          Great Lens and awesome start Better than my first one.
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          • Give your lens a "Health Check" here: Health Check for Squidoo Lenses [Beta]. I use this tool whenever I set up a new lens.

            Your lens has several things you can easily tweak to improve your SEO...
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              i liked it too, just need to have different links instead of the click here , use text ads or banners.
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                It looks good, but I'd actually include less links in it.

                You have one section of writing where there's at least three links to the product within two sentences - that seems a little on the over kill side to me.

                I'd only have a few links spread out over the whole lens because people are going to become 'immune' to seeing them pretty quickly.

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