The One Thing I'm Glad I Learned This Year Is...

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Hello fellow warriors!

The one thing I'm really glad I learned this year is the value of a mentor/coach.

Like many of you (you know who you are) I got caught up in the shiny object syndrome. I spent more time reading sales emails and sales letters than taking action.

As I became more and more frustrated with my progress (or lack there of) I started slowly unsubscribing from the different list. I knew I was on the right track when Dr. Ben Adkins in one of his emails kinda suggested the same thing.

That was a turning point; that was a valuable piece of wisdom that helped free me from this guilt-ridden cycle. In the past couple months I learned another valuable related lesson: pay attention to HOW you're being marketed to not what. Thanks to Alex Jeffreys for that one. Along with this you also helped me realize that I purchase SOS out of need not just in case.

Big thanks to Alex and Dr. Ben!

What was your most valuable lesson this year and/or your favorite coach/mentor?
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  • My favorite coach/mentor is the community here. They have given us all free valuable ideas and guides. The most valuable lesson I learned is : No man is an island, and Rome wasn't built in a day.
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    I agree wtih GMFC. I learned not to buy every shiny thing you see and I didn't need a mentor for that.
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    Some of us might need someone who "kicks them in the butt" - there is nothing wrong with it. Call it community or a single person, it doesn't matter. The main point is to take action and if you don't do that wether a coach nor a community can help

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