How do I create an info course fast and good?

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How do I create an info course fast but still have it good quality? Perhaps a ghost writer? where would I find one? Do you know if they do the research to create the info product as well, or is that something I need to provide?

Also what would be the best bet for creating it into a physical product? Like a local print shop? Or are there online companies that will do that kind of binding work for far less money? :confused:
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    So you basically want to do absolutely nothing and make some killer $$$?
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    If you are not an expert in a specific niche
    and still want to create a killer product in a
    short amount of time...

    Find experts in your niche and conduct an
    interview through Skype. They already have
    the experience and you're leveraging their expertise
    to create a killer product.

    Make your offer compelling to the experts by
    agreeing to put their website links in your product...
    This is a win-win situation...
    you get the product, they get the traffic

    As for creating a physical product,
    you can publish your own physical book from
    It is a website that allows you to publish your own
    book and deliver to your doorsteps.

    Hope this helps...

    -Tenzho Lee
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    You can do the research or outsource it, and same for the actual putting together of the work, but the only thing is if you are not involved in anyway then you will never know if it is a crap product and you could end up being ripped off by the outsources.

    To make the product into a physical product then create space is a good place to start, if you need any other advice inbox me and I will help all I can.
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    Sounds like a trick question...... fast AND good?? I know that fast money is awesome but I'd focus a bit more on producing a quality product -vs- how fast you can crank it out. Pick a strong niche/topic (that you're familiar with) and take your time, whether the final product is outsourced or homegrown - make sure it provides value. Hope this helps - best of luck!
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    Part of making your own product that will be representing yourself is by getting your hands dirty. At least jump in and exchange thoughts with experts in that specific niche. Get to know the niche and then produce your product. It might take a little longer to get the job done but overall you'll have a stronger product and more knowledge you can use for creating your blog and driving traffic to your product.

    I say "learn your niche" and then create a killer product for it. Good luck!
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    Sorry but you are going to have to get down and do that unfun stuff like research and talking to clients about what they want if you really want to create something that will sell online these days.
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    If you really want to create an exceptional product you will have to take out the fast part, that is the number one issue effecting info product marketers, simply put there is no way to produce the kind of long lasting quality product without putting the time, effort and research, that insures a quality revenue positive product.
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    Stop asking questions like this and start actually building what you want

    Please do not use your signature to promote affiliate/MLM programs

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    Agree with the others.
    Now i started to work on info product, and it takes a lot of time, i already spent many hours just on the research part.
    Ghost writers with good reputation you can find here on forum.
    Also, odesk is an option and other freelance sites.
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    What is fast ? 2 weeks ? 2 days ? 2 hours ? 2 mins ???

    Why everyone here wants to do everything "FAST"
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    That's fast and well.
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    Don't be too surprised when you realize you'll need about $2,500 or more to have a quality book researched and written for you by a ghost writer.

    Notice how I said "book" and not course. To me, a course is about teaching someone in a way a book cannot. In which case videos, audios, workbooks, etc would also be included in a course. I've never seen a ghostwriter offer such a service and have it be quality.
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    Well I think for the first product because I know the market I'm gonna do it myself. Actually I have the product done already. For a very first version it's decent. It's not stellar but it's a first version and it also cuts out all the BS that other guru's in my feild tend to put in as filler that would only confuse a newbee. So it's about 100 pages in length. I think that's resonable starting point.
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