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Seeing that you can sell stock images on Istockphoto and I am sure other places, Is there a good amount of earnings from this? And would you consider it to be easy to take stock images?
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    I think the markup on IStockPhoto is huge, so you only get a small portion of what people pay for your photos. You also get exposure to a huge market though, so there is good potential.

    I've thought about looking into it more at somepoint, never got around to it though.
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    Are there many restrictions for sellers in case they want to sell their work on other sites at the same time? Do they allow that?
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    i tried it in the past and have made some few pennies but gave up at last.

    if you can put some time in it you can make serious cash with them.
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    Well, its not that easy as many make it sounds, believe me.

    You can make good money with it, but for that you must publish a lot of high quality pictures, and make is as your full time job.
    (I am a photographer, and have some friends that tried stocks.)
    If you are amateur photographer, you can forget about it.
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    I've been selling stock since 2006 and it isn't as easy as some make it sound but it is a very nice residual income stream over time. I have around 1000 photos at 6 different sites in addition to my own. Haven't added anything new in about three years but I still get paid monthly from most.
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    Truth is that they will only accept a small percentage of the photos you upload and you need thousands to make some money. I am not sure what they want anymore. Try to go into a niche that is not already flooded with quality images.

    Also, forget about istockphoto exclusive as you want the same photo on several stock agencies. Yeah, and at different prices. This is a tip that I hope will help you. Make sure to take pictures of things people really need, not the "art" type pictures that look nice. Please remember that people are reluctant to pay you. Well, that means it must be just super.
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    One of my offline clients is a professional photographer and they keep denying him from selling on iStock. Anybody know the trick to getting accepted?

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    I sell some photos at stock photos sites. Here are a few keys to making money:

    1. You have to have a good camera. Doesn't have to be the greatest, but it has to be good.

    2. You have to have an "eye" for a good photo. For example, images with hard, deep shadows are usually rejected. Use the flash even in the daylight when necessary to avoid deep shadows.

    3. You have to be able to come up with unique ideas. These sites have thousand of flowers, for example, if you don't have an angle that sets yours apart from the rest, forget it - they'll reject it.

    4. In addition to quality, quantity is key to consistent income. The more images you have available the more you'll sell.

    5. Read the terms of service and make sure they're acceptable to you. Also, some of these sites offer tutorials on making photos that sell. Study them.

    6. If there are people in the photo, and the image of them is good enough for someone who knows them to recognize them, you'll need a model release.

    7. If your first batch of photos are rejected, keep trying. is a good place to start, IMO. Why? They'll tell you why each photo was rejected - that's an education right there. Don't take rejection personal, learn, they're trying to help youj.

    Suggestion: Don't just rely on the stock photo sites to do all the selling. Create your own stock photo bundles and build a website to sell them from.

    Good luck. Like anything, it's not something you'll earn a lot from with a half-hearted effort. But if you apply yourself consistently and have the "eye" it can pay off. One of the nice things about it is the images can sell over and over, so you can earn passive income from your photos long after you stop submitting them.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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