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i've just joined jvzoo.

i don't have an existing list of joint venture partners or anything like that.

i have a product to sell. (membership of an s2member site)

is it just a matter of listing the product and affiliates will come:

'build it and they will come' ...?

or do i need to 'build it so that they will come'

-- i.e. what can i do to make the most of jvzoo?
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    Your focus is wrong here. JV Zoo is just a payment platform.

    You need to focus on developing your offer first.
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    "Build it and they will come" is a common assumption but very wrong. Yes, I've had 'organic' affiliates/JV's from JVZoo and W+ platforms BUT it's not an effective way to build partnerships (and traffic) for your offers. Start a week or two in advance, prior to your offer, to build a JV list - and don't forget an "early bird" page and list...

    Good luck!
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    is there a guide somewhere on this: "Start a week or two in advance, prior to your offer, to build a JV list - and don't forget an "early bird" page and list..."

    especially how to build a JV list...

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    Building a list of JVs is just like building relationships in the offline world. It takes time. The affiliates you want promoting for you usually have a very full promotional schedule and are already inundated with offers they can promote. So it will take something VERY special from you to make them promote a product from someone they don't know.

    Before you start looking at what affiliates can do for you, you are best to look at what you can do for them. To get on the radar of the right people you need to start hanging around where they hang and offering value at every possible chance.

    Recruiting the serious JV partners (which are the ones you want) is not just something you decide to do a week or so before launch. It's a continual process that takes time.
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