When researching keywords which results do you use, with or without quotes?

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Hey everyone, I'm at the point where I'm using the Google keyword tool to try and locate good long tail keywords. The tool returns the keyword and average searches (not concerned with competition as I'm not doing PPC) but not the number of results for that keyword.

So here's where I'm stuck do you go with the number of results Google returns on the keyword without or without " "?

searching "long tail keyword" is more specific but I would think that less people naturally use quotations when searching.

For example I am searching for long tail keywords to promote a diet ebook, if I search

let's say example diet keyword get 880 searches a month and Google returns almost 9million results when you search without quotations

"example diet keyword" returns 6k

So is this a horrible keyword because of the 9 million, or a good one because of the 6000 ?

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.
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