My Xmas Gift: The Secret To A Profitable Long-Term Business

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I've never done Xmas before (well, not since I was 12 or so).

But now I have a wonderful girlfriend who is very into it so I decided to take the time out to write this post.

There's nothing to buy and I'm not pitching anything.

I just want to discuss a problem I see almost all the internet newbies making, and it's going to destroy your success.

See, the problem is people are asking, "How can I make money?"

What they should be asking is, "How can I help people?"

Don't get me wrong... money is important. And it's a vital part of any business plan to figure out how you get paid. We're not doing this for our health, after all.

But here's the secret...

When you figure out how to solve a massive problem, people will pay you money for that solution.

Think about ANY successful business you know. They offer VALUE. That's how they stand the test of time.

Sure, you can make crappy Adsense websites and make a few bucks. But eventually they'll be gone because you didn't contribute anything. You looked at it strictly on "how can this benefit me", not "how can I help others and get paid for it".

Ask yourself what you can offer to other people that's valuable. And if you don't have anything, then you shouldn't be in business.

Even top affiliates need something valuable to offer their subscribers. It can be as simple as trusted reviews, free advice from a credible source, or helping save time by consolidating review scores. But they all offer something of value (at least the successful ones do).

You need to ask yourself, "What am I offering my subscribers that they can't get anywhere else? How is my experience superior to my competitors?"

Once you can do that, the selling falls into place. All you need to do is let people know what you're offering.

I've seen so many WSOs lately where the creator hasn't made jack. The section's half full of BS offers from wannabes. People are selling info on how to make your first dollar selling WSOs.

(Yeah, some WSOs are great. I'm not talking about those, obviously.)

It all comes back to value.

Provide people with an amazing product, service, or experience. Put in the hard yards to create something amazing, and it is ridiculously easy to be successful.

But you have to focus on how YOU can provide VALUE. Not how you can make money.

Adsense, article marketing, CPA, PPC, etc... these are all just methods. And the methods should only be considered once you have a clear idea of a valuable product/service/experience.

No one wants to buy an ebook on making money online by some broke dude. Even the guys who specialize in publishing like D.C. Fawcett make sure they grab experts who are among the best in their field. D.C. may not know a lot about say golf, but if he puts out a golf product he gets the best damn golfer he can find to put the product together.

Obviously there's more to being successful than just this. But every single successful entrepreneur who has my success is a Nazi about product quality. They need to deliver multiple times the value.

Now, you can go to a book store and buy stuff from world-renowned authors for $20. So you better make sure your $97 ebook has at least 5x the value they offer.

Remember... it's about providing VALUE. Do that, and everything else becomes so much easier.

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    Notice how uncommon common sense has become? The same phenomenon applies to digital goods nowadays. The focus has been so much on the sizzle instead of the steak. The work focuses so much on the sales page instead of the actual product. Your post is a good reminder that we have to focus on the steak--the product. At the end of the day, it's cheaper to market to converted buyers than to convince new buyers. By focusing on quality, we make the product become our salesman. Great post.

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      Daniel, Your post is probably one of the best gifts any marketer can give to another and one that all marketers, noobs in particular, would do well to read, print out and paste on the wall or wherever they can see it daily.

      While I am not exactly a noob anymore, I still and always will continue to consider myself as a "student" of IM, simply because the world of the Internet is constantly and continuously changing and if one is ever foolish enough to think that they know it all,then that is the day that they will slowly begin to sink into oblivion.

      Thank you for an awesome post.
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    Couldn’t agree with this post more. Adding valuable content is the simplest way to gain backlinks and strengthen your website. I think there is a lot of confusion in what people think is valuable content though. I see so many people think that high quality advertising fluff is great content. However, people don’t link to high quality advertising fluff, they link to things that help their cause. Building content across your entire site that provides knowledge beyond a basic level does wonders.
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    It's right daniel

    Too many people focus on making money

    I get people and emails all the time asking "how fast can i get to $500, $1000, or $5000 per month

    What they should be asking is:

    "what is the fastest or best way for me to deliver massive value to others"

    it's a kind of a paradox because you have to first forget about making money in order to make money
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    Great share and this can definitely help someone first starting out in IM and trying to get the ropes, a great gift.
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    OK so how do you actually go about implementing the OP's concept? You have a product or service. The bells and whistles it has are not enough. That's not why your customer is going to buy. They're going to buy because of the symptoms of a problem, or the problem itself, that it solves.

    Niche down for your market.

    Develop what we call "pain points."

    People move away most sharply from short term future pain. Something bad that they believe is coming up soon.

    Use negative emotional words: frustrated, concerned, upset, aggravated, irritated, etc.

    Begin with two or three pain points. Here are mine:

    "I work with business owners who are:

    * frustrated because price keeps coming up as the #1 objection from prospects

    * concerned that their revenue is up one month and down the next like a yo-yo

    * upset with employees who are either unwilling or unable to make prospecting calls consistently and effectively."

    And then I ask if they're experiencing any of these issues. The more niched-down the pain points are, the more instant credibility I gain. I must have dealt with someone like them before! Otherwise, how would I know about these problems?

    Once you've identified or been told about a problem that one business owner in this niche is experiencing, use it as a pain point for the rest. You can bet many of them are having the same problem.
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    In short, " You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." ( Zig Zaglar)

    Merry Xmas everyone!

    Nothing to see here

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    thanks a lot mate, its a very good and solid plan you layout out here for us!
    it surely will help wso (when the time will come to launch them) to us
    When I say I don't love You, it kills me, its a lie that sets You free!

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