GVO or Aweber ? And an introduction !

by chriz
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Hi Guys,

This post is an introduction and a question at the same time. My name is Chris and I am from Amsterdam. I am a newbie and at the same time I am not. I learned about online marketing from Corey Rudl. I tried his methods and started setting up an online business, but with a full time job next to it, it was hard to juggle.

So I didn't do anything with it for years. Since then, I have learned a lot more ! Now I design websites myself, Wordpress and that sort of stuff. I have more knowledge about online marketing /businesses then I did then, but not to the extent like people do at this forum. That is why I joined this forum, to learn ....and maybe later on I can help other newbies :-)

I was wondering why a lot of online business owners go for Aweber and not for GVO (gogvo). GVO offers webhosting with free autoresponders, conference call rooms, bloggerbuilder, software to create videos on your website and an online marketing academy ! They offer this for $ 9,97 all in one package. Aweber alone cost more than these things combined !

I am just wondering what is your experience with GVO if you had any and why do a lot of online business owners go for Aweber instead. Am I missing something here cause the all-in-one package seems more tempting.


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    If you're concerned about your emails getting into the max number of inboxes instead of the spam folder, I would certainly choose Aweber over GVO. I like to use the analogy of buying quality stereo components over a cheap rack system.

    You can start your research here:

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      Thank you for clearing that up John ! Does the "cheap rack system" also refer to the other services of GVO ? Besides the autoresponder the all-in-one package with an online marketing academy still sounds tempting if I combine it with Aweber...

      I want to start out right in the New Year with the right webhosting, autoresponders and everything that goes a long with it ! Don't want to have downtime problems and servers that are not mirrored that sort of problems !
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    Hi Chris
    I use Aweber for my autoresponder and GVO for hosting. Never had any issues that haven't been immediately dealt with by excellent support team.
    Why not try both and test for yourself?
    Good luck,

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    I guess Webar is only targeted to Email Marketing but GVO is much more than just email marketing . For many people GVO may be overwhelmed complicated but Awebar is easy to manage for their campaigns.

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    For me, Aweber is more easy to manage and use. If you want an easy task to manage your list, i recommend you to pick aweber.
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    I use and recommend GVO. It works great for me. One reason it is better than Aweber in my opinion is that it is owned by an Internet Marketer. I consider that a great advantage.
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      Thanks for the tips guys !

      I know with GVO they have professional marketeers teaching in the GVO Academy. I don't know any other webhosting company that does that. They also offer to become an affiliate of all their services. The company is owned by a Internet Marketeer which I have not seen with other companies ! Maybe the combination Aweber - GVO is a good combo !

      Happy Holidays !

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    Aweber, I have been a client of GVO - after all this time, their admin is still not right, has a combination of old tools, new tools, strange upsells, lead capture pages designed by the worst in india, and I have a had nothing but trouble the past 10 years. I love aweber. Also, GVO used to get insane spam complaints because the biggest spammers used to use them because you could upload emails and not have to send confirm messages first. Deliverability rates were terrible.

    Now I feel they are a good, legitimate company, with very expensive hosting, a janky backend, and the mlm overshadow.... I try to stear clear.. still have an account over there, but nothing important to me.
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    GVO may come with all these extras, but to me that just seems like their way of compensating for an underwhelming email campaign service. You want an autoresponder? You get Aweber or GR. Plain and simple.
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    I use eBizAc and its much cheaper, and up to par with Aweber.
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    I have used aWeber and GVO (actually at the same time). For me, I choose aWeber because for many of the things I do, they directly integrate into the system and have some features that are not available elsewhere.

    Do I think they are the best out there? No, and I also am not fund of their pricing, but at the end of the day, they deliver what I need.
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