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Have you ever asked your self "do I need this?"

Well your in luck I have the universal answer to that question.

If you have no plan you have no need.

In other words if you are not seeking the solution to a problem then the device, information, membership or whatever that you have been convincingly pitched is not a need.

Not only that you most likely will never use it if you do purchase it because it is not a need and you have no plan to use it.

It does not matter if the thing is only available for a limited time or if there are only so many available.

If you buy it you will not have a better chance of succeeding and it will not improve your life...

Because you won't be using it anyway because you have no plan.

So just pass it by.

You will have more money to do the more important things in life like invest in the things that are part of your plan, pay off debt, and maybe even put some money away for a rainy day.

People in IM literally throw thousands of dollars a year away on stuff that they purchased because it crossed their path and sounded nice...

If the thing is obtained on impulse and not part of the execution of a plan then the thing is a wasted move a distraction and something you will likely never use.

If you have already fallen for this stop and start training your self to recognize that a need is only a need if it is sought out to satisfy a demand created by the execution of a plan or if it is the answer to solve an immediate problem.

Be careful though... many crafty copywriters will use their skill to paint a picture of the think and make it appear like it will solve the biggest problems in life like companionship, love, money, and health...

Do your self a favor... cancel a membership you are not using, pass by a private label offer for a niche you are not marketing to, don't purchase the latest software or gizmo unless you found it because you were searching for the solution an immediate problem.

Be wise.

Tonight I have been annoyed by two potential clients... both of whom do not need my product... yet they have each emailed me more than 3 times asking if they "need" what I offer.

I told each that only they could answer that question. I also told them that if they have no plan they do not need my product.

Yet over and over they email me back asking the same thing "yeah but I am trying to figure out if I need it."

Both have admitted to purchasing my other products and recommendations that do similar things... and one has said they have yet to use them. Yet they come back again and again with no plan asking if they need it.

Over and over I explain to them how to figure out if they need it or not.

Yet over and over they email me asking "yeah but do I need it?"


It's so odd.

I could have responded from the beginning by saying "Yes you need it and here is why..." and then sold them on the new features.

However, it is obvious to me that they do not have a need.

I told them that they would be better off coming back at a later date once they do have a plan and a need.

Both have stated that they understand what I explained when I showed them how to identify if they have a need.

Yet both want me to decide whether they have a need or not.

Sadly this is common. Common among compulsive buyers who think that their compulsion is a symptom of a need.

It is not a need. Its a bad habit.

If you have no plan that calls for the thing you have no need for the thing because even if you had the thing you would not use the thing.

So increase your profits by keeping your money in your pocket until you have a plan that calls for the obtaining and application of the thing.

Stop cash bleeding.

Stop compulsive purchasing.

Cancel an unused subscription today... you will be better off if you do.

Then on second thought... you could ignore everything I just said and read some of my sales letters. I am sure I can convince you to buy even if you never considered it before.
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