What steps can you take to increase your chance of succeeding as a Clickbank Vendor?

by ckbank
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I know luck plays a HUGE role in succeeding as an eBook vendor. My goal is to make enough every month to supplement an average income. I know it's easily doable, but then one needs to take the exact steps to "easily" accomplish something. We've all heard hard work also plays a GREAT role in success. So with this in mind, if I work my butt off, what else can I do to succeed as an eBook vendor. I'm asking because I know lots of vendors have worked hard in creating products and sales pages, but are making only a few sales a year. By simple logic, if one doesn't get lucky and HARD WORK doesn't help in succeeding, then there must be other factors. What would you say these are?
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    Your best bet, is to emulate successful vendors. See how they have their sales page, funnel(S), affiliate program. Then figure out how, you can get a massive affiliate base to promote your product(S). Majority of these people, have it down to an exact science and luck only plays a small role in their success....

    Go to the truth about abs page and take a look, he's got a great site and you can learn a lot from him...

    Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by ckbank View Post

    there must be other factors. What would you say these are?
    In general, I think a very big one is making sure that both your product and its sales page match up to the typical product-selection criteria of the 5% of the affiliates who bring in 95%+ of the affiliate-referred sales (even at the expense of ignoring the preferences of the other 95% of affiliates).

    More specifically, I thinking that asking affiliates collectively "what do you like to see, when deciding what to promote?" (as some people do here, from time to time - I'm not trying to imply that I think you're doing that!) is a huge mistake, and that vendors who take that quantitative approach of soliciting widespread affiliate opinion are exactly the ones exposing themselves to the risk of ending up with large numbers of potential affiliates but very few sales. :p

    "Just saying"!
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