Do you copy paste all the sales page of the product you want to promote all the time?

by Jensha
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I was browsing to the products at Click Bank and at JVzoo.

The one that got my attention for today was at JVzoo because all the product I saw today has a sales page included.

These swirled in my mind are:
Can we copy their sales page, then put it at a new page in our site that has the same niche?


Maybe not the exact sales page, just copy the content like all the texts and then paste it on our blog/blog site for the same niche?

Of course with some editing done already like changing our names to it but not the affiliate links of course.

Are you guys doing this?
Has anyone of you ever asked this to a vendor and got approved?
Or in general, are vendors okay with this? I mean it's still their product that we'll still be promoting right?

P.S. This a format of a note from the vendor from one of the product I saw, thus the title of this thread.

Use the following swipe to promote:
Subject line: Bla Bla Bla
I am proud to let you know about the brand new Bla Bla Bla


So this is a clear implication that he really wants us to copy paste the entire swipe and just input our name and that it's okay for him.
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    Okay, weird question.

    anyway, I wouldn't do it.

    If I understood this correctly, a visitor hits a page made by you, and he wants to buy, right?

    he clicks your aff link, and being led to the exact same page, created by someone else?

    Talk about a turn off.

    But if you really want to, ask the vendor and give it a try..

    tell us how it works for you.
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    I agree with Tomyevsikov, your sales page and your the sales page your promoting should have distinct differences so the person won't be turned off through all the repetitiveness. And, your sales page should have a different angle in funneling the person so they'll be able to reach the sales page. By that, you'll get a conversion and possibly a sale.
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    I think a presell page highlighting the points of the main sales page are ok, but doing the exact same thing? that would be a turn off for sure. Even rewording the main points of the page would be ok i think just not the same exact thing

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    You gotta learn how to build a relationship with your visitors. I would not suggest copying the whole sales letter. Buy the product. Show them the inside. Give people value not just a copy and paste process. Build that list!
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  • Profile picture of the author Jensha
    Sorry for the weird question guys. It's just that some of those that I have seen really seems to want us to copy their sales page. That's why I went on ahead asking here if you guys are doing the same because that sounds easy.

    And thanks too for your reply Chris Kent, that gave me a very clear idea.

    Anyway, better go with the original plan to just make a review of a product on JVzoo or Clickbank with their my affiliate link of their sales page to it.

    I really appreciate everything!
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    I usually will copy the design of a page, colour scheme, etc, but never the actual content.
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