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Hello All

I have a ecommerce site that sells Golf Clubs. I just put together a 12 part series to improve your golf swing. Each email will talk about a new technique along with drills you can do to practice. My question is what do I do after the last email. Do I create a new series ( I have a few in mind) and just roll my list into that? and then the next one? or should I do something different.

Thank You

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    Create a new series. Never end the conversation. Ever. You want lifetime customers right? Keep the conversation going forever and even after you pass you can technically still communicate with the follow up function.
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    Give them option what they want to learn from you. By doing this, your relationship with your subscriber will be more strong.
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    Yes, you want to keep in contact with your customers. You absolutely need to have more series going. After the first one you can spread it out a little bit more (maybe send an email out once or twice a week) but absolutely keep things going.
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      Thanks for the responses.

      So, I should just keep adding to the sequence, sounds like a plan


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        You can ask them what they want to know about then create a series out of all the questions asked where every week you answer one of the them...
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        Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

        So, I should just keep adding to the sequence, sounds like a plan
        I think so, yes ... you may get some pleasant surprises from doing so, if you can maintain open-rates.

        I have lists from which I make more income after the first 15 messages than before. And well over 200 messages, now, in my longest autoresponder series - and it's been well worth doing that.
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    After delivering some real value like it sounds like you did, you can start another series just like you thought and that has been suggested and you can also get people to market for you... what I mean is... link to some content on your site that is highly "sharable" and ask them to share it That'll keep the funnel fueled and get more people into it.
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    Do not stop sending them, your goal is to keep them on a relationship with your subscribers, send them a message once or twice a week and ask them what they want to learn from you
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    After my subscribers complete their follow-up series, I segment those who have and send sporadic broadcasts to them.
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    When you are building a free list:

    If you keep adding series after series, it may become a never ending chore for you. Don't feed the freebie seekers, they will just keep eating.

    In my humble opinion your final goal is to make people buy from you. If they don't buy they should at least help you spread the word. So you can create a video series and make it a paid product.

    Now you can create a series like this:

    Info packed email and the link to the sales page,

    So it will look like:

    Email #1 Info --------------------> Sales Page
    Email #2 Info --------------------> Sales Page
    Email #3 Info --------------------> Sales Page
    Email #4 Info --------------------> Sales Page
    Email #5 Info --------------------> Sales Page
    Email #6 Info --------------------> Sales Page
    Email #Last Info --------------------> Sales Page

    And make sure you are also sending them weekly/bi-weekly emails using the broadcast function with latest trends, tips and deals.

    So when the series ends they will always receive from you.

    In the final email of your series you can ask them to send this newsletter link to their friends. If you don't ask they will never do it. So ask.

    And also from time to time update your series with new updated info.

    So that's my 2 cents.
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