Is it worth it for 10 clicks?

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I am thinking of setting up an ad on Google finally.

The keyword is "wordpress" and all I can afford is like $10 a day.

That amounts to like ten clicks or so. This is all seen on the Traffic Estimator tool from Adwords.

Is it reliable with what it says or it is better than I think...

I need some help. Is getting more clicks with more pay better?
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    Keyword is 'wordpress" ..!!! Thats no good at all. You need a long tail keyword. Your not going to get anywhere targeting 'wordpress' especially with only $10 a day.
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      How about "top wordpress plugins" or "cool wordpress plugins".

      Those are long tail keywords but they only get like 1 or 2 clicks according to the Traffic Estimator.
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        Why not find a WP plugin you really want to sell that has some buzz for it's name of a use like: The Terduckinator (name) or: How to ad graphics to your site for free (use).

        Make a video about it, put the video in the top 3 and stop paying Google.

        Because, I can nearly guarantee you that if you go after non buying long tail keywords like that you will spend $100's and likely never make a sale.

        If you insist on using adwords use buyer keywords at least.

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          True.... and that idea can be better than what I said

          What could be a buyer keyword relating to WordPress or anything relating to it?
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        30 days x $10 = $300 /month.
        I'm sure you can find a better option.
        Search your keyword on google
        Make some research regarding sites on first page about traffic.
        If you find a good one, ask for an offer for your ads.
        Good luck.
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    Better to do some research about keywords and try to get the close targeted traffic. As your budget is very low so have to choose the keyword very carefully.
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    Yeah, you definitely need to target your keyword so that you are
    not wasting clicks on people who are not looking for what you are
    offering. Think about it, if you were a visitor searching for a wordpress
    item, would you start your search with only one keyword?
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    I'ts tempting when first using adwords to go after those high traffic generic terms.. it's usually a very expensive lesson in keyword targeting.

    Even IF you get a decent enough CTR that google doesn't slap you with $10 clicks, the odds of that traffic being targeted enough to make money off of will be quite slim.

    The trick to adwords is to be quick & brutal when cutting keywords that don't convert.


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    "Wordpress" is far too broad for a keyword. Make it 2 or 3 words. It will then be more targeted towards your site and you'll get your moneys worth.
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    I know most people don't do this but what if you were to try putting up $0.18/click with your $10.

    According to the google traffic estimator for $10.60 average/day (using both google search + partners) you will get an average of 114 clicks/day with an average ppc of $0.09. Thats a lot better than your 10 clicks/day.

    However back to what others said, you definitely should be targeting some more long tail keywords.
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    I think you can find a better option than that, its not that good.
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    It's good you started this thread; you would have been throwing money away.

    I suggest instead of starting off with an investment in adwords, which can lose a lot of money, spend the first weeks worth of ad money on WSOs that teach various approaches to keyword research, ranking, and monetizing. It could vastly improve your results for all the weeks to follow.
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