Sound quality issues Camtasia...

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I need some tips please...

We've rendered a number of video tutorials with Camtasia but the sound quality is a little poor and the volume is quiet for some PC's.

The problem is that the two out source employees are now lacking the skill to improve the sound quality.

I've shot myself in the foot here...

I only have two feet and don't want to do it again. I've took measures to ensure all future videos are good quality but need some advice on improving the quality of the videos already made.

All the Camtasia settings have been used I think...

Any help would help me -

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    1) Get Audacity (free audio editing software).
    2) Export the audio track from Camtasia (Produce special -> Export audio as...).
    3) Import the audio into Audacity. Use "noise removal" function. Adjust volume. (Note that if the mic used to record the audio was poor quality, there isn't much you can to do make the audio better.)
    4) Export the audio.
    5) Import it back into Camtasia, replacing the old audio.
    6) Find outsourcers with better skill sets .

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    Worst case scenario... re-record with better equipment and/or techniques.

    Gail's advice is sound and should help a good bit, but if you have a poor source to begin with, the tools can only help so much.

    I know you don't want to redo it, and you may not need to, but you do need to ask yourself if re-recording would be better than releasing something with lousy audio.

    I wish you the best, and I hope a bounce to a real audio editor and back can clean it up for you.
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    I would say:
    1) use better quality mic.
    2) reduce the background noise.
    3) use the noise removal in Camtasia audio settings.

    Profit Wizard.
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    And remember, people might forgive the low quality video, but
    never forgive the bad quality audio, so I recommend to produce
    videos with high quality audio.

    Profit Wizard.
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    Shot in the dark here but I had this issue once.

    My default mic on my laptop was the internal mic. As a result, whenever I would plugin a mic, Camtasia was still using my awful internal laptop mic. I didn't realize it and tried virtually every other option to improve the sound quality like installing new drivers etc.

    I disabled the awful built in mic in my control panel and the sound quality got significantly better immediately. You may potentially be experiencing a similar issue.

    Best of luck.

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    Camtasia has some sound features to help it and turn the sound up
    Also do as the above stated outsource the audio to someone with audacity and ad it in after the fact
    u can mute or remove the old track
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    Thanks for all the cool tips...

    Rerecording seems unlikely as there are quite a few videos. I will be looking at Audacity, and soon...

    Much appreciate guys and gals.

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