How well do signature links convert?

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Hey guys!

My short time on the warrior forum I think Ive become extremely addicted to it lol Ive enjoyed sharing the knowledge I have with others an also learning things from others.

I've noticed warriors putting links to their WSOs in their signature and was wondering how well do they convert?

My second question is how well do WSO links convert over links to the individuals website?
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    I don't know what the actual conversion rate is. Probably would be different based on how you define it. But the fact that everyone does it should tell you something. It's widely considered one of the best ways to get exposure for your particular offer(s) in the Warrior Forum.

    Take a look at mine, for instance!
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      Usually, the only time people look at signature links is when you're asking what you can do or sell in order to make this month's rent while your signature has a link promising to teach you how to make thousands of dollars a day just by pushing a button.

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    From my own testing, for every 10 posts I make here in the forum. I will get anywhere between 5-15 clicks on my signature which goes to a classified ad which I have posted in this forum's Classified Ads Section.

    That is not the reason why I am here. I want to learn new things and give back value to others.
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      I've found them to be quite effective actually. Somewhere around 10 - 15+ clicks for every 2 - 3 post I make. As far as conversion from signatures alone, I made about $400 in 2 weeks and I'm not as active as I would like to be because I'm here from time to time to research, learn and share. I only offer higher ticket services so that's where most of the conversion comes from, I don't know how WSO conversions go, but I assume that should convert also if you're just here to give value, others notice
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    WSO links convert better on here if you have good reviews from popular members who have been here a long time
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    This signature work quite well. Cant tell you exactly the CTR. But it really works well for me... Specially for list building offers where you offer something for free.
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    I can't speak to WSO conversions as I don't actually have any, but my signature goes to my membership website and so far after 30 days most of my traffic has come from my signature in this and other forums.

    Never give up!

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    I would love to have a tool to sort out which sales come
    from where on the forum. I don't think one exists though?

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    I have found that you can build a high quality list with a good sig link to a good squeeze page that you've tested and tweaked to the point where it converts at 50% or higher.

    But the key to getting the clicks in the first place is to post truly helpful comments here. Don't just post to up your count. Post to genuinely help others in our community. That kind of Karma always come back in spades.

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    Much better than I expected. I get a sale or two every few days from forum traffic alone.
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    I am sure a lot of it has to do with the value that you are providing in the signature itself. I would say depending on what is stated in the signature has either pushed me to press it or pushed me away...if it feels cheesy i usually leave it alone.

    Someone who provides a solid post with good value I am very interested to see what else they have to offer.
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    I click on signatures here a lot. I discover lots of great new blogs that I add to my feed reader. I also become aware of great sales pages and interesting WSOs. Everything here on WF is a resource and I have resolved to have an OPEN MIND about everything. So far, I've learned quite a bit and have applied some of the stuff I discovered to my business.
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    I have noticed the number of signups are directly related to the quality of the thread or post I make. There has been days I got over 100 signups from the sig file alone.

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    Been getting traffic from signature in warrior when I wwas active. Stop for a year and traffic stop. So consistency is definitely a must to drive traffic from signature.
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    Very well; not just on this forum but almost every other forum with some traffic too.

    It also relates to the prominence of your posts — so if a post has a lot of thanks, it would get more eyeballs and hence covert more (not necessarily better) — which comes from the quality of your posts. The first few replies on every page of the thread, too, have a greater chance of being seen and thus their signature gets more exposure too.

    So, in simple words, the more you contribute, the better your signature converts. :-)
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    We are all looking for links. The chances of someone clicking on your links are there - if you have the link in your signature. But remember this applies if the content is relevant - you have to make people have interest to click on the link. This is especially so if the OP is related to your site.
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