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Hi guys

I was reading threads about e-books on this site after a quick search since i wanted to get into e-mail-marketing and wanted to use my e-book as a means for people to sign up. There is just a few things that i can't seem to understand yet or unsure of.

I wanted to use this e-book as a bonus to visitors and i read that pages should be around 9-12 pages if that if that is my purpose. When you write your own free e-book do you usually try to sales pitch for particular products? Does it work better that way? I wanted to write my e-book so that i can genuinely help people to lose weight and in turn get them to sign up, but i'm not sure if that would be a good marketing move since they can read the e-book and never visit the site again

How does e-mail marketing work if you don't have your own product? I'm assuming i would be trying to sell affiliate products?
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