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A friend of mine would like to funnel some traffic to her
FB business page. Since she does not know how to
build/host her own webpage, would you recommend
she start with creating squidoo lenses or hubpages?
#hubpages #squidoo
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    She can start by building relationships with internet marketers on Facebook.
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    I say squidoo because it is more popular than hubpages.
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    Originally Posted by Adrianne_ View Post

    Since she does not know how to build/host her own webpage, would you recommend she start with creating squidoo lenses or hubpages?
    No ... I'd recommend she should avoid both, for the reasons explained in some detail in this fine thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...en-locked.html (the principles apply to both).

    If she wants an "easy way out", for sites she can own and control herself, with an easy built-in little site-builder, all well explained, no skills necessary other than following instructions, she might perhaps want to look at Weebly or Wix?

    Quickly acquiring some very basic, low-level skills is infintely preferable to using pages on other people's sites, which one can never own or control oneself.
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    She can do a wordpress website fairly easy ... here is a link to a training I did on that ... tell her to opt-in to get the training and she can opt out as soon as she gets the training. http://visionetmedia.net/6-2/
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      Well she can start out by building her own content. There is no way around the fact that an online business can only be built over time. With that being said you should create your own content and over time you will have a business that is huge. It all starts with that first page of content. I am just saying that the best way to start out is with your own site. Hope this helps!
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    Ask her to invest little money to make a website for her business. Then use SEO to get more traffic.

    To promote her business page, he/she can use Targeted Facebook Ads.
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    If given a choice, I would choose to build my own blog/website.

    But if I have to choose 1 out of the 2, I would go for squidoo.
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    Totally agree with above posters that she should focus on creating a website and avoid any free hosting, domain out there. That way she will be totally depending on other sites and her business will be at much risk that way.

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    I also would go for squidoo and also suggest the. If you need a guide to be successful with squidoo dont forget to check this One Week Marketing by Potpiegirl
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    Thanks everyone, for your input. Alexa, I will have her
    check out the link you posted. She was leaning towards
    squidoo or hubpages because she doesn't have much spare
    time to learn how to market a webpage, if she were to
    create it herself.
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    I haven't used either for quite a while, but squidoo doesn't seem to have any authority with google anymore. Hubpages has a little more authority, but they are so frickin picky, it's hard to make use of it. I have posted articles that had a link to another article that expanded on the subject once and they shut it down for spamming. Are they serious? There was nothing for sale, nothing to promote, but because there was a link, they classified it as spam. That's when I stopped using them.
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  • I'd agree to avoid both as far as traffic generation.

    Never give away your best content! Put in ONE-SITE.

    Do you want hubpages or Squidoo to rank above your site?

    This is the correct answer since the beginning of Google, and Panda just reinforced it.

    If you are NOT dedicating an entire site to a micro-niche, then I would use one of them... But only in that case. (Where HP or Squidoo is the SOLE site)

    But, if you're writing content, never 'give it away'.
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