Elmer Hurlstone: Secret weapon of good grammar

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Elmer just went through our new LPP project. Now, since we have two writers on this one (James B Allen and myself) the occasional stupid mistake does creep in. James proofed it, I skim-proofed it, a number of reviewers went over it ... but Elmer still found about a few dozen "pending improvements". Not just anal grammar stuff, but wording that will have more effect.

Elmer truly is a valued help. The little tweaks he suggested here will make LPP an even better read, and get the point across crystal clear.

Now, I know that Elmer likes to take on a couple of these projects and can always use cigarette money (filthy habit), so I'm letting you know about this secret weapon.

Please: Don't PM me asking where he is. Look for him in the forum. He's the friendly guy with the Col Sanders beard.
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    I used Elmer to proof my latest report and the guy was fantastic. He DOES have a slight resemblance to the Colonel but I really don't want to know WHAT he does with the chickens!

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    Originally Posted by Kevin Riley View Post

    He's the friendly guy with the Col Sanders beard.

    It's uncanny!

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    Thank you, Kevin.

    I feel a bit guilty replying to this thread as it strikes me as being akin to "self promotion."

    That is not the intention.

    Good manners requires a response. I did send Kevin a personal "thank you" but you folks reading this have no way of knowing that. So, lest a few of you think my folks brought me up poorly, I'm publicly replying.


    Thank you for your interesting "art."


    I do the same with the chickens as any other good southern boy. I fry 'em and eat 'em...

    Sometimes I visit the "Colonel."

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      Elmer definitely gets my nomination for the Warrior wordsmith award. He has one hell of a vocabulary, and utilizes it with the utmost of precision.


      (coming soon to a theater near you: Colonel Sanders as Indiana Jones in The Quest for the Sacred Poultry Bucket)
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        Elmers ability, to speak the Language of the Americans, is only exceeded by his ability to translate what Bev Clement said in the Kings English (with a Welsh accent) to proper English here in the USA.

        Bev, Elmer made me say that. :rolleyes: Oh! Alright I lied, Kevin did. And thats the truth


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          Elmer is great at making buttons too.

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    Here are some facts about Elmer...

    Elmer is great with the English language. He reminds me of my high school English teacher.

    Elmer is great a proofing my copy. He can translate Texan into English.

    Elmer is one of the nicest guys I know. I know two guys.

    Elmer has been with me for a long time. He is a stalker.

    Elmer can engage in conversation one on one with the Hillbilly Marketer. Not many can.

    Elmer is now wearing a hat. I am his idol. He tries to be just like me.

    That is all I know about Elmer!

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      Another resemblance between Elmer and "The Colonel"...

      Does anyone remember the Mike Meyer's movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer"...

      STUART: Oh, how I hated the Colonel! With his wee beady eyes, and that smug look on his face. 'Oh, you're gonna buy my chicken!'

      CHARLIE: Dad how can you hate "the Colonel"?

      STUART: Because he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly, smart-ass!

      ha ha... just felt like sharing.

      Elmer puts an addictive chemical into his copy that makes you crave it fortnightly...
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