How are you making money online?

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If you are making money online
please kindly share one strategy who knows
anyone can learn from it
especially those starting out

Thank you
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    I'm a hitman.

    Anyway, why don't you just read the forum or search for this?
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      Originally Posted by Murphysmurfy View Post

      I'm a hitman.
      I suspected it, but I didn't like to ask.

      The garrotte and the carving knives were something of a giveaway, though. You still prefer all those "old-fashioned" methods?

      Call me conservative, but I still do this:
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      Originally Posted by Murphysmurfy View Post

      I'm a hitman.
      Hey, so am I - in some of the most cut-throat niches!

      And this simple method is still going like gang busters after all these years: How I get hits.
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  • I make money online 2 ways.

    I sell on eBay (And have been for years)

    And I make money by teaching people how to do the same!

    But my 'strategy' I use is through a data-based approach. I think no matter what avenue you're perusing, every decision you make needs to be data-based.

    I'm not a fan on not KNOWING before I make decisions.
    Famous for my '$1000 dollar challenge,' I've been teaching people how to DOMINATE on eBay for YEARS. Sell 100% of your items FOR A PROFIT. Rank higher, sell faster, sell more, and DESTROY your competition with a data-based approach. Quit listening to Guru's-in-training! Click now below!
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    That's just too general of a question. Ask for something specific and you will get better answers.
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    Quickest way is probably adsense, but the best, and longterm way (also pretty friken fast depending how much action you take) is list building.

    Create your list! Its an asset that will help you in the entirety of your Internet marketing life and business.
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    The best way to make a good living online is to get good at driving FREE traffic. Be relentless when it comes to this.

    Once you know how to drive FREE traffic setup a squeeze page to build your email list in a certain niche.... start promoting affiliate offers for Warriors or vendors on Clickbank and you will start to get noticed.

    This is when you launch your own product and get other JVs to promote your product. This way you build your list even more and it grows and grows.

    Heck, you first product could be about how you drive all that traffic! ;-)

    This is exactly how I got my start online and I haven't looked back!

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      I buy low and sell high
      The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    My own internet marketing course. Will begin a consulting business on the side next year too.

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    Dang theirs a lot at answers to this but sens I am kinda a newbie thats just getting over the brain farts, I would say list building.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Create opportunity and sell.

    By the way, you can use function of search to find out information about making money.
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      Yoobiz will you kindly stop pinching other people's thread titles?

      You nicked one of mine word for word yesterday and now today, you're doing the same again with this one.

      Come up with your own original thread titles please instead of riding on the success of other more successful threads than your own..

      Mark Andrews
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    I make money online as an info product creator, also through facebook.. I have built so many relationships with people from all over on facebook that they buy from me or seek me out without me ever posting anything about a service or product for sale..

    BTW most people that are constantly posting this or that for sale on facebook, are not succesful on facebook because most see this as spam.. Focus on building relationships..Make lots and lots of friends and make them Laugh Often.

    I also make money with craigslist and through WSO
    My Craigslist Arbitrage Method Of Making Money On Demand -->
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    Originally Posted by Yoobiz247 View Post

    If you are making money online
    please kindly share one strategy who knows
    anyone can learn from it
    especially those starting out

    Thank you
    I'm a big fan of blogging as I prefer things that produce residual income. With that said, I've also written for various sites online and been paid via Paypal. I didn't really like that because you only get paid when you submit stuff and get it approved. It felt too much like work to me. Being in 2013, I'm going to be implementing some new stuff for additional streams of income (actually already started doing some stuff). Depending on how well those work depends on what else I will be doing.

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    Kindle has been my easiest money as I like to write, although I haven't made any big bucks with this platform yet.
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    I sell WordPress plugins that I co-developed.

    I have AdSense sites.

    I post articles to high traffic news sites for revenue share (AdSense).

    I blog daily and refer people, from my blog posts, to the system that I use to blog daily, to get 100% commissions.

    I have a major niche site that: has AdSense, sells ad space, has affiliate links, sponsored posts, etc.

    I sell sites on occasion.

    I work for a leader in one of my main niches and fix/build his sites.

    I sell training.

    I do value-add content arbitrage.

    I sell links on an authority site (phasing out of this though).

    I oversee large monthly contract projects outsourced to teams.
    Geo Targeting Scripts to geo target ads and/or content on your blog or site
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    I used to make money flipping (selling) websites and after they get some income I sell them on
    These are mainly adsense sites. I use great software to find great microniches - MicroNicheFinder. It gives you great picture what is going on in markets (popularity, competition, domain availability etc)
    after I decide the niche I make simple website with some unique articles using keyword % of 2-3%. And then I build some backlinks from authority sites - bookmarking, youtube, social networks etc. Or, sometimes I use, it is semi-automatic solution.
    After some days or weeks I outrank competitors and sell it on flippa.
    Another method I used is buying cheap and quality websites on digitalforum and sell them on flippa

    Cheapest Doodle Videos Online >>>>

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    I sell my own products but first you have to do the work and create them not just take a PLR and say you have a product.
    I am also planning next year of selling a coaching course but not at an over the top rate.
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    Originally Posted by Yoobiz247 View Post

    If you are making money online
    please kindly share one strategy who knows
    anyone can learn from it
    especially those starting out

    Thank you
    you only make money in the internet if you have a solution to offer...
    if you dont have a solution the method doesn't matter..

    incidentally most solutions start with content..
    let us know what content area (niche as commonly know) you are good at and you'll get specific advice on how to monetize that..

    To Get the Best Forex Traffic Buy Forex Solo Ads for the highest return on investment

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    I do affiliate marketing, that way everything is already done for me. All I have to do is concentrate on getting leads. Real easy & I love the residual commission!
    phone: 573-732-4054
    :See my website here & here!
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    Recommend you starting from some Gigs in Fiverr like me now. Just listing what you can do , what you have. Make a research in Fiverr. Read some thread about making money with fiverr here and create your own gig. Drive traffic from taggeted source by forum commenting, yahoo answers, twitter, facebook.... and earn first $ to make a jump to another field like aff, CPA,....
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    I sell my own products an PLR products for my list that's all give me avg $50 to $120 a month
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      We sell supplements on our own website and also sell a lot on amazon as well. We havent had a lot of luck on ebay for some reason.
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    By selling products online, and affiliate marketing programs!
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    I make money from blogging and affiliate marketing Have been doing for close to a year now.
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    I make money with affiliate marketing. Only been doing it a week and have already seen some profit. I'm definitely excited about the opportunity.

    I also make money from allowing guest posts on my blog from companies.

    If you want to know how to do either of these, you're more than welcome to contact me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Deacon Blues
    Writing life experience books for kindle and using squidoo as a form of advertisement as well as a couple of niche related sites for affiliate & book sales.
    Interview about circumnavigating in a 41' sailboat

    Keep the kids busy & learning while you work
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  • Profile picture of the author Daikatana
    I sell several infoproducts in various niches.
    I have affilliate blogs in those niches as well.
    Used to make quite a bit of cash on eBay but not so much now.
    Have recently been very successful with Kindle.
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      Creating you on website can make money in anyway that you want it to. You would need to learn of the ways first. Ads is just a small way to do it.

      How To Rank A Website Fast And Start Making Money In The Process! Visit The Link Below!

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