I did it my first $300 month

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All from advertising on my 2 sites. In the new year I will focus on building adsense sites, and other forms of advertising. This seems to be my strong suit. I only made 5 sales all year. Two from clickbank Three from amazon. But my ad revenue has steadly increased every month all year.

Provide great information to people that is also perfect for advertisers looking to sale a product or provide a service. I would like to thank the warrior forum for my success. It took me 1 1/2 years to get this far. I still have a long way to go in the new year. But I'm on my way to freedom from working for someone else.
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    Congrats to your success! It may be a long road but based on your experience, there is surely more to come for you. Good to hear another positive story.
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    That's awesome dude, very motivating just shows hard work pays off. I used to make a similar amount but my sites got slapped thin mfa. Is the majority of traffic from google ?

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    Mostly from Google but some from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Most of my traffic is very targeted to my niche.
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    I am fairly new to adsense and just added it to my site. I am earning a bit of money from it, but the adds, sometimes, dont seem to relate to my content.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this the case for most people

    But very well done to you matey, you will be living the dream soon enough
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    What I did was to look at which adds on my site were performing the best. Then I targeted my audience with the best performing adds only. That increased my ctr 100% almost overnight.
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    Congrates. You can use your money to build more website and do things to increase your traffic.
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    Now just write a eBook, and sell it as a WSO like the rest of us do.
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    I will use the money for more content, and new sites.
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    That's awesome congratulations on your success!

    You have found a way to make money that would probably benefit many looking to make money in that area..

    Write a short report with no fluff and put together a wso and if done correctly you will make hundreds more if not thousands..

    Good luck!
    My Craigslist Arbitrage Method Of Making Money On Demand -->

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    Time to make even more progress in 2013.

    Fantastic post.
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    congratulations & thank you for sharing your success. Best for 2013
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    According to my experiences, AdSense income is easy to fluctuate, and you'd better start to build other income streams as soon as possible, and based on your current two sites.

    You can consider building a list first, then consider to promote affiliate programs to your list.
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      Congratulations! Truly an inspiration. Hope to see you make more money in the new year.
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    Enjoy reading theses threads.

    Well done.
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    Don't forget to build an email list simultaneously. Just make a free gift relating to your niche and put an optin form on the sidebar and below the posts (two high converting areas) and capture leads.

    Doing this can add another $300 per month income stream
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    I will start to build my email list this new year. The warrior forum is the best free information on the web for earning money online.
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