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Hi all,

Is anyone familiar with this software for sending out press releases? I accidentally ran across it this evening----but have not been able to find any solid reviews on it.

It looks interesting---but so does alot of other stuff that doesn't work. I'm wondering if it really sends to 30,000 outlets or whatever.....or if it's the equivalent of safelist spamming. (I think I'm a little jaded). ;-)

Press release submission software

Thanks for your help,
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    Hello Sandy,

    I have not used the software. I normally use PRWeb or submit
    directly to appropriate publications/news outlets. If you're going
    to do numerous press releases on a regular basis, give it a try.
    If not, save your money.
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      Thanks Monetize...

      I've been doing some press releases and have been using Press Equalizer which submits to something like 20 free sites. Also, I've been doing the occasional paid submissions I've been having some decent conversions and traffic but I just wondered if anyone had any statistical measures whether they got more bang for their buck with a software like Active Media Magnet

      I've since found several others that claim to submit to 20,000 sites or more:

      PR Wizard Press Release Blaster
      Press Release Manager and Distribution Software

      Both of these look like the exact same software I asked about.

      I'm leary to jump into anything unless I get some reviews for a product. (The internet is a harsh teacher). But if someone has experience and they care to share...I would love to hear.

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