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I've been doing online reputation management for a while now and have learned a few things.Since I have benefited numerous times from the advice given on this forum about many topics, I thought I would share some of the general things I bring up when trying to convince a potential reputation management client that they need these type of services, and why it's important.

Below are random thoughts and are not meant to be anything more than just some general but hopefully very important information to some people.

- Make your customer understand the importance of online reputation management. Have they Googled their name or business name? Ask them questions: Are they happy with the results? Can the results be improved upon? How are search engine results influencing their business every day? If you Googled a business and they had the same results as you what would your first impression be?

- Make sure you are confident in what you are selling the client. If you are using any software or outsourcing any services make sure that the outsourcer's are providing quality content and services.

- Online reputation management is imperative for almost all businesses now. It's very easy to ruin the reputation of a business online if the business does not take a proactive approach to building, protecting, and maintaining their online reputation.

- Don't be afraid of quoting a potential client a high fee if you are confident you can provide the services. Sometimes quoting someone a lower fee will make them think your services are not quality.

- Don't just offer your potential client a solution to their current reputation repair and management needs, offer them more than they would expect. Even if that means increasing the price a little. Explain to them that not only are your services going to address their current reputation management needs but also protect and build their online reputation

- What if you encounter a potential customer that started a new business, has no bad reviews, and doesn't understand why they need online reputation management to begin with? Explain to them that just one false review about their business can show up for dozens of important search terms. One review, comment, or complaint can ruin a business with today's technology and can be circulated in minutes to millions of users.

I have found that using anything above as a scare tactic does not work. Just be honest with people and offer them a quality service at a fair price.
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