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Hello all,

I am in need of mentor and educational program suggestions. I am not exactly new to internet marketing but find myself being confused on a number of topics and would like guidance on forming a plan to move forward.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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    I would start building an online business if you have not already. The only thing to do after that is to learn and take action on what you have learned and to keep that going for yourself. Hope this helps.
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      If you're looking for a mentor / business coach - Read This Now!

      We often see threads appearing...

      ...on this forum from various individuals from all backgrounds, all ages, all social backgrounds asking for someone to mentor them.

      Now, a lot of these requests, it's clear you haven't got the faintest foggiest idea what it is you want to achieve.

      For anyone to mentor you, you need to be very clear in advance what your precise objectives are. We need to know what your specific goal is.

      It's no good just saying...

      "I want to earn some decent good money online." This is far too generic. It's not telling us, the more experienced Internet marketers / business professionals on this forum anything about yourself.

      We want to know who you are...

      ...where you're from...

      ...what your life experience is to date...

      ...things you've accomplished in the past...

      ...what your hobbies and past times are... much money you're willing to put down on the table...

      ...what your precise goal is and a deadline for what you want to achieve by when given your own abilities and level of motivation.

      If you cannot provide this information, you need to go away and really think about exactly what it is you want to do.

      If you have no idea at all, no business mentor in the world can effectively move you from where you are now, experiencing emotional frustration and pain towards your personal ideal outcome (pleasure).

      So grab a piece of paper and a pen and prepare your mind in advance being ruthlessly honest with yourself. Jot down the answers to the above questions. For example...

      (My name is...)



      (Experience to date...)

      (Previous accomplishments...)

      (My hobbies, interests, and past times are...)

      (How much I'm willing to invest in myself per month $???...)

      (My precise goal is to...)

      (I would like to achieve this goal by (insert date...))

      (Why I want to do this... - on a scale 1/10 score your motivation...)

      Now, no experienced business professional is going to give you of their knowledge, time, and expertise free of charge. If this is what you're looking for, forget it. Why?...

      Because mentoring somebody else with no business experience is to say the least very time consuming. Holding you accountable for your own actions, prodding you, nudging you, encouraging you, helping you to set clear goals and making sure you follow through all takes lots of time not to mention the process at times can be rather mentally exhausting depending on the individual concerned.

      In the time taken out to help you, this is time spent which we can never get back again. Yes, it's all very well and good telling us we should play help, advice or assistance forwards. Easy for you to say. Many of us do this often anyway. What we don't need is some wet behind the ears newbie telling us what we should be doing with our own very valuable time. Time which spent on you we could be spending in many more highly profitable ways to further boost our own business and financial interests.

      No mentor worth their salt is going to offer to mentor you free of charge. You know as well as we do that if you want a new car...

      ...if you want the latest games console...

      ...the latest smart phone...

      ...whatever your heart desires, somehow you always find the means and the motivation to find the necessary cash upfront to get what you want for these material possessions.

      Being in business for yourself is no joke. It's going to take time to build up your personal business model. It's going to take a lot of dedication and oodles of persistence and perseverance on your part. But a good mentor if you have these prerequisites in place and you're prepared to pull your thumb out of your ass and get things done, just maybe - there is some hope for you. But you must put your money where your mouth is - there's no getting around this simple fact.

      For it's your new business, which with the professional help of your chosen mentor (who is going to help you to grow your new business, bottom line profits) by which means you can follow the lifestyle choice you desire.

      You need to treat your idea to be in business for yourself like a business from the outset. If you're not prepared to invest financial capital in yourself - you simply cannot and will not be taken seriously.

      Mentoring you see is an exchange of energy, as is money exchanged between a service provider (your mentor) and yourself. By exchanging hard cash for the goal you want to achieve within a certain time frame, you demonstrate your personal desire to fore go any temporary emotional pain for the pleasure you anticipate in the future.

      Is this a price worth paying in advance? Only you the business 'student' can answer this question.

      It's up to you to decide how much you're willing to put down on the table to acquire the skills which you're currently lacking, which your mentor through blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention, years often of countless hours put in (and many sleepless nights) has had to endure to acquire the knowledge and know how which you now so desperately need.

      If you truly value what a business mentor can bring to the table on your behalf you need to appreciate their time and expertise.

      As they say - money talks in this business.

      How much do you respect yourself? That is the question.

      Now, get back to the drawing board and do your homework.

      Smoking hot,

      Mark Andrews
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    Originally Posted by btowngypsy View Post

    but find myself being confused on a number of topics
    What topics would those be?
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    just make sure you find someone who actually does what they are teaching, and someone who is successful for real and not just making it up.

    for me my favorites are Ryan Lee and Frank Kern
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