best way to drive traffic to a biz opp page?

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Hello guys

I am new to this forum and would like to ask for your advice.

I have been an online network marketer with Herbalife (weight loss, sport nutrition and cosmetics) for 8 years now.

Currently 90% of my business is in Italy and 10% in IRL, UK, US and CA and it is going very well. As the vast majority of my biz is in Italy, I have setup a weekly online webinar training system which is key to keep my distributors productive (I mostly teach online and offline retailing strategies so my distributors can learn how to build a solid customer base of 20 repeated monthly consumers and learn how to sell products).

My goal for 2013 is to expand my online network marketing biz more internationally by signing up more distributors from any English speaking countries (mainly UK, CA, IRL, US, AUS, NZ) and setup an English webinar training system.

For my Italian biz landing pages, I use 2 different recruiting strategies

- "secret" approach, where I dont reveal neither it is network marketing nor the name of the company. I use this approach if the traffic source doenst allow me to drive traffic for network marketing. Cost per lead circa 5 euro

- "open" approach, where I do explain what network marketing really is, the name of the company etc. Cost per lead circa 10 euro

Obviously the quality of the leads for the "open" approach is higher than the "secret" approach.

As I dont have much experience in online "biz opp" English-speaking traffic generation and I want to test a few selected strategies, what would you recommend me to start with?

I saw on this forum lots of people promote email solo ads.

Thanks for your help,

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    Yup. Solo ads as you already mention. Great place to start. CPV (PPV) is another. Both are good sources for targeted leads
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      Probably not the best way possible. Not clear on rules here, so I won't list the actual sites I use, but franchise/biz opp sites that get hundreds of thousands of hits a month have gotten us about 50 leads a month. They run about 900 a month though. We advertise on the top two sites. We are starting month two in January. So far out of the 100 or so leads only half a dozen have proven to be solid with no sales to date from it. But our offer cost 10k so it's a little harder than selling an under $100 product. :-) We have sold some, but it was by meeting the people in person and selling them on the biz opp.
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        thanks sociallid for your input

        I offer a network marketing biz opp where the entry point is around USD 100 (after that, we have upgrades at USD 500, USD 1,000 and USD 4,000), which is quite different from your USD 10,000 (you probably offer a franchising biz opp)

        you raised a good point though, I will look into franchising websites for advertising (network marketing is also called personal/individual franchising after all)


        PS: perhaps you too should try to have an introductory offer around USD 100 and upgrade people later
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