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When putting a link to your website in the description of a youtube video, which format is better:

1) http://yoursite.com


2) http://www.yoursite.com

So is it better with the www or not? Please also give your reasons,

thanks Fiachra
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    It depends how your site is setup. If you can use either then pick one and stick with it when gettingbacklinks to yor site. I just use the www, but I have heard that if your domain is keyword rich then it will hold more weight if you leave off the www.

    Have you already got links pointing to your site? if yes, then stick with that format.

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      I tested this one of my site after reading an article about this www. inclusion. Homepage displayed PR 4 both with or without www. So I don't think it is a criteria to rank a site.

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    Yes, stick with one style. There's even some debate over whether you should always use the trailing '/' or not. Just have one URL string you use every time, to be safe. I haven't seen any evidence that it matters which you use (www. or no www.), but many "experts" claim you will dilute your link power if you switch back and forth. Use one and stick with it. You can't control the natural links that others point to your site, of course, but take care of what you can control.

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    Choose either of the two and then stick with it... I don't use the www part.

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