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Can anyone recommend a good URL shortening service?

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    Chrome, Firefox and Opera all have good url shortener extentions/plugins.
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    Try this one
    SoCuteUrl.com Make an ugly URL a So Cute URL!!! or perhaps try the one by Google: goo.gl


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    • thanks guys
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    bit.ly is the default url shortening service offered by Twitter. It is my favorite url shortening service since it offers built-in link tracking and analytics, a cool sidebar bookmarklet, a firefox extension, native Twitter posting support, and more!
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    most of people are using adf.ly
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    Bitly, ad.fly are the two I use alot also
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    Adf.ly is the best url shortner service i've ever heard of. They give you $4 per 1000 clicks, just try it really good
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    I'm surprised that people use adf.ly in their business - no AR will let you send out emails with adf.ly links. And I would certainly NOT click on them/unsub from your mailing list.

    I am currently using Linktrack.info - The Best Link Tracker and Ad Tracker Ever
    $6.95/month for the 'personal' is probably sufficient for most marketeers
    There is also a 'professional' for $24.95/month which is absolutely everything
    you'll need to keep track, change and evaluate your campaigns.

    Other reputable link services are:
    ClickMeter: Click tracking, Link tracking, AD tracking
    HyperTracker.com - ad tracker

    Clickmeter is more expensive and fancy. I don't like their pricing structure
    at all TBH, it gets expensive fast - for link tracking anyway
    Hypertracker is more oldschool but offers everything you'll need
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    TinyURL is good too. I actually thought this was going to be mentioned first. 2nd is bit.ly

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    I usually use bit.ly, I use bit.ly has long and satisfied
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    I just found this yesterday. It's amazing....

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    the best shortening service advice I could give is to use your own. Buy a short domain name, install a redirect script.

    You may have already considered this, and have your reasons for not doing so.

    I use BestDamnRedirect. It may still be on sale via a WSO.

    But that is the best way, in my opinion.


    Kelvin Brown

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    I do prefer to cut short the URL with Google URL shortener.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    I use YOURLS for my shortener. You can use it to not only shorten your urls but also to add branding and credibility. When the customer/client sees a link on your domain, it adds to the trust factor. Unlike bitly, when I want to change where the link points, I can.
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    http://goo.gl/, is this one powered by google?
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    I have been using TinyURL & I have had no reason to complain .
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  • Goo.gl, bit.ly, TinyURL, and adf.ly are one of the too many URL Shorteners that I use on a consistent basis. I've been using TinyURL for years now.
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