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I have made a product in front page and when I open in Firefox or any other browser it works great however when I open it in IE7 the same links will not open. The reason I am doing it with relative links is I want to burn it all to a dvd which opens the browser. The same happens if I make it in dreamweaver etc.

Now these are relative links like file:///D:/content/index.htm. This is obviously running from my D: drive from a folder called content and the main file is index.

The actual link in the page is ../index.htm because the actual front page is in root and the page with the link is in a folder. The dvd loads index.htm to then be able to access everything else.

On the top of every page it has a link back to the index.htm where the menu is.

In Internet explorer it will not open that link. I know they are fine as they do in every other browser.

Can anyone help.

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    Hi Quentin,

    I wouldn't have thought you need relative links when burning it to a DVD. It "knows" where it was ran from and so can work out where /images or ../graphics would be from that.

    You are going to have problems using relative links burning it to DVD. Your DVD drive might be E:, but mine are F: and G:. That'd mean the relative links wouldn't work at all for me!

    You may need to manually go through and change all the links to take out the drive / directory references in order for it to work properly. Is Frontpage automatically putting in the relative links for you?


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      I think you don't understand the difference If I used absolute links the dvd would not work at all.

      This is an absolute link. <a href="http://www.motive.co.nz/index.php">Motive homepage</a>
      If I used them on the dvd then it would be e://somefile.name which means if you opened it on your computer with an f drive then it would not work

      This is a relative link <A HREF = "page1.html">here</A> and doesnt matter what the drive letter is.

      After all that it is not what the problem is. They work perfectly in all browsers but IE. Some work and some don't but only in IE though they all work in firefox, opera etc.

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        Have you tried using ./index.htm instead? This will look for the the index file in the root so it would check the dvd root for the file.

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